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Smrutisnat Jena
A good hero needs a great villain. Those are the rules, can’t fight city hall on that. For years now, these rivalries are what have sustained entire shows and even franchises at times. They keep the viewers hooked in, in anticipation of a Wrestlemania main event calibre altercation!
This iconic duo has butted heads on everything imaginable, from handkerchiefs made out of banyan to Roshesh’ shayari. They kept going at each other even when the series returned and canonically are still each other’s soul nemesis. 
While Jian often beat the shit out of Nobita, it was always Sunio who the latter truly considered an adversary. Sunio was a rich brat with nice things and Nobita was a middle-class brat with a cat robot from the future who got him nice things. Hence, the competition. 
The two brothers have had their ups and downs and more or less love each other. That said, brothers fight and these two fight a lot more than most siblings and break a lot public property while they are at it. 
They will probably end being in-laws, which seems like the logical conclusion to their never ending fights. The duo practically live to piss each other off. 
Voldemort wanted to kill Dumbledore the moment he could grow facial hair. Dumbledore, on the other hand, literally planned his murder, which was executed a year or two after his bloody death. 
Every iteration of these characters has tried to beat the crap out of each other, make each other’s lives miserable. At one point, one of them just seems incomplete without the other. I mean, what would The Joker even do without The Batman
This rivalry was directly taken from the history books. Professor X is a pacifist of sorts, a leader of mutants, like Martin Luther King Jr was to the African American people. Magneto is also a leader of mutants, wanting the same thing that Charles does, except like Malcolm X, his ideas can deliver immediate results. 
These two behemoths have been canonically going at it for decades now. Kong is the remnant of an ancient world that his ancestors were rulers of, while Gojira here, is a product of nuclear waste, which makes him invincible. But our MONKE got opposable thumbs. 
Did they want to kill each other or were they more interested in making out? We’ll never know but that’s just how good their chemistry was. 
The story does end with Munna’s execution but Jesus Christ, that man wreaked some havoc on Guddu’s life. For the uninitiated, Guddu and his brother used to work for Munna and his father but after a brief period of misadjustment, Munna shot Guddu’s brother’s head off and killed his pregnant wife as he watched. 
It took generations of Sardar Khan’s family to exact revenge from Ramadhir but boy, did they do it in some style! That said, if you do a headcount, Ramadhir wins, because in the end, there are just not a lot Sardar Khan’s family left alive. 
Remember Season 1 of The Flash and how good it was? Yeah, that was mostly because Reverse Flash is a badass villain. These two have been locking horns since time immemorial and it never ends well for either of them. 
Man, personally speaking, if any of these people existed in real life, it won’t bode well for the world. Most of the people on this list have a habit of causing collateral damage, and you and I are it.


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