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Halloween may be the spookiest season of the year, but it can also be the most creative. Tired of putting on the same boring couple’s costume every year? A timeless yet recognizable costume idea can be hard to come by these days. 
From classic characters like Minnie and Mickey to more recent films—like Mr. and Mrs. Incredible from The Incredibles or Luca and Alberto from this year’s Luca—there are more than a few dynamic Disney duos to complete this year’s matching Halloween costume
Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Some things just go together, including Disney characters! What’s Woody without buzz? A princess without her prince? If you find yourself partnered up this year, there are a multitude of Disney couple costumes that are sure to make any Halloween party nothing short of magical. If you and your partner are parents, you can expand your look to include the kids (if you can convince them, that is).  Our list of 50 Disney couple costumes are sure to do the trick—or treat! So if you’re inspired by a Disney Halloween movie, check out these best Disney couples Halloween costumes.
Create a whole new world this Halloween by dressing yourselves as this dynamic duo. You don’t even need a magic carpet to complete the look!
Jasmine and Aladdin Halloween Costumes, $60, Party City
Who doesn’t love Mr. Potato Head? For a silly well-known look, you and your partner can opt for this Toy Story couple.
Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Halloween Costumes, $29 and up, Amazon
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Follow Dory through the sea on this Halloween adventure! Stay close to the reef should you choose to dress up as these saltwater pals.
Disney Nemo and Dory Costumes, $117, Walmart
There are never too many ideas when it comes to Disney princess costumes! Dawn the classic yellow dress of Belle and pay tribute to the tale as old as time.
Beauty and The Beast Halloween Costumes, $106, Walmart
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Recognize those mouse ears and polka dots? It’s Disney’s first and most loved cartoon couple!
Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Costumes, $40 each, Party City
You don’t need to lose your glass slipper to find a prince for this spooky season look! Hop in your pumpkin carriage and head to this year’s Halloween ball dressed as a classic Disney couple.
Prince Charming and Cinderella Halloween Costumes, $40 and up, Party City
If one of you doesn’t feel like wearing tights—no problem! Ditch the Peter Pan idea and opt for a more uncommon duo like Captain Hook and Tink.
Tinkerbell and Captain Hook Costumes, $60 and up, Party City
Keep an eye out for Cruella DeVille this Halloween! You and your partner are sure to be recognized in this matching set.
Dalmatian Costumes, $35 each, Party City
Grab a shovel and start diggin’—for candy, that is! It’s easy to dress up as the characters from Holes with those infamous orange jumpsuits.
Holes Costumes, $25 each, Party City
You might recall Stitch from the popular Disney movie Lilo and Stitch, but you probably don’t remember Angel! This pink lookalike is Stitch’s love interest in the series.
Stitch and Angel Costumes, $30 each, Etsy
Save the day dressed as this iconic superhero couple! Don’t forget to wear a mask to hide your true identity.
Incredibles Costumes, $50 each, Party City
Love is an open door with this Frozen couples costume idea! Dress up as Anna and Kristoff and take on the spooky season.
Frozen Costumes, $50 each, Party City
Even though Bo Peep is Woody’s love interest, nothing beats bringing the toys to lie and dressing up in matching cowboy gear. You’re sure to lasso up some candy at this year’s Halloween party.
Woody Costume, $23, Walmart and Jessie Costume, $32 and up, Walmart
Take it back to the days of Greek gods with this costume idea. All you need besides the classic Hercules and Meg outfits are a few mythical back up singers to narrate your life!
Hercules Costume, $65 and up, Amazon and Meg Costume, $50 and up, Amazon 
The best part about this costume is that both characters are dressed the exact same! Escape to Wonderland with this look.
Men’s Tweedle Dee, $40 and up, Amazon and Women’s Tweedle Dum Costume, $40 and up, Amazon 
Claim the sea with a red wig and mermaid tail! Watch out for Ursula should you choose to dress up as this famous oceanside couple.
Ariel Costume, $68, Walmart and Prince Eric Costume, $47 and up, Walmart 
This could be the spookiest Disney costume idea yet! Dress up as everyone’s favorite couple from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Jack Skellington Costume, $56, Walmart and Sally Skellington Costume, $90 and up, HalloweenCostumes.com
If you want to go for something simple yet recognizable, you can’t beat dressing as the employees from the Toy Story Pizza restaurant. You might not be delivering pizzas, but you will have the most creative (and probably most comfortable) costume at the Halloween party!
Pizza Planet Employees Costumes, $10 and up, Etsy
This costume idea is out of this world! Pay homage to these intergalactic characters this Halloween.
Princess Leia Costume, $50, Costume Place and Chewbacca Costume, $55 and up, Amazon 
This costume idea gives you the perfect excuse to shout “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” all Halloween night! You’ll be singing all the songs from this classic musical in this couple’s outfit.
Mary Poppins Costume, $50 and up, Walmart and Bert Costume, $54, Walmart 
Who wouldn’t want to dress up as this valiant duo? Don’t forget to add a foxtail to perfectly recreate this classic cartoon film.
Robin Hood Costume, $50, Party City and Maid Marian Costume, $55 and up, HalloweenCostumes.com
You don’t have to swing on any vines to find the perfect costume. While dressing as Tarzan will have you practically half-naked for the duration of Halloween, this jungle duo is sure to be a hit.
Tarzan Costume, $20 and up, Amazon and Jane Costume, $135, Amazon 
Makes way for this Moana-inspired costume! Your kiddos will get a kick out of this Halloween favorite.
Moana Costume, $52, Etsy; Maui Shirt, $42, Etsy
Hakuna Matata! Become the King and Queen of the jungle this spooky season.
Simba Costume, $30 and up, Amazon and Nala Costume, $50 and up, Amazon 
Speaking of The Lion King, there’s another duo that makes for a great couples costume idea. It doesn’t take much to complete this well-known Disney look.
Timon and Pumba Headbands, $23, Etsy
If you didn’t have this film on VHS, are you really a Disney classics fan? These two are inseparable and make for a great Halloween costume duo.
Fox Costume, $57 and up, Walmart and Hound Costume, $40 and up, Walmart 
Oh, Homie! With Marg’s iconic blue hair, no one will mistake you in this cartoon couple costume.
Homer Costume, $37 and up, Amazon and Marg Simpson, $36 and up, Amazon 
Why not dress up as this beloved duo this Halloween! Just throw on a yellow or red shirt and these cute accessories and you’ll be good to go.
Flounder Mask, $18, 805 Masks and Sebastian Headband, $6, Etsy
These best buds of the forest make for a great couples costume! Try not to eat too much honey—er, candy.
Winnie The Pooh Costume, $20, Party City and Tigger Costume, $57, Walmart
They’re coworkers AND best friends! Dress up as this monstrous duo for a scary good Halloween.
Mike Wazowski Onesie, $31 and up, Amazon and Sully Onesie, $31 and up, Amazon
Although they’re enemies, they make for a great couple’s costume. The Emperor’s New Groove is a fan favorite and is an easily recognizable look for Halloween.
Kuzco Costume, $45 and up, Amazon and Yzma Costume, $60 and up, Amazon 
Okay, here us out—this might be one of the most unique Disney couples costume yet. Peter Pan’s shadow stick by his side wherever he goes!
Peter Pan, $22, Walmart and Shadow Costume, $22, Walmart
Try not to fall asleep in this costume! Everyone is sure to love this classic Disney princess couple.
Sleeping Beauty, $35, Walmart and Prince Phillip, $35, Walmart
Who needs a prince when you live with 7 dwarves? Mix things up and outfit yourself as Snow White and one of her little friends, Grumpy.
Snow White Costume, $35 and up, Amazon and Grumpy Costume, $30, Amazon 
Go back in time to the Aristocats! Outfit yourself and your partner as the singing, dancing felines of the streets.
Duchess Costume, $20, Walmart and Thomas O’Malley Costume, $20, Walmart 
OK, while Spirited Away was originally released by Studio Ghibli, its U.S. release was by Disney! That means you can technically dress as Chihiro and N0-Face if you’re looking for a Disney inspired costume.
Chihiro Costume, $40, Amazon and No-Face Costume, $10 and up, Amazon
Let’s get down to business—to defeat the Huns. Or just to look 10/10 this Halloween.
Mulan Costume, $43 and up, Etsy and Li Shang Costume, $43 and up, Etsy 
Quack your way through Halloween as this classic cartoon couple! Hats off if you can impersonate Donald Duck.
Donald Duck Costume, $20, Amazon and Daisy Duck Costume, $82, Amazon
Don’t be late for this very important date! Head down the rabbit hole to a world of imagination and fun this Halloween.
Alice Costume, $38, Walmart and White Rabbit Costume, $55 and up, HalloweenCostumes.com 
The Peanuts Movie was released by—you guessed it—Disney! Dress up as Charlie and Snoopy this year and keep an eye out for Lucy.
Charlie Brown Costume, $48, Walmart and Snoopy Costume, $100, Walmart 
Recreate this French-inspired favorite. If you can’t cook—no problem. Just put on a chef’s hat and call it a day!
Remy Costume, $45, Amazon and Alfredo Linguini Costume, $31, Walmart 
Dress up as Barbie and Ken from Toy Story! Be sure to include the ascot for authenticity.
Barbie Costume, $22 and up, Amazon and Ken Costume, $68, Amazon
Off with his head!! Outfit yourself as the Queen and her loyal servant this Halloween.
Queen of Hearts Costume, $50, Party City and Card Soldier Costume, $77, Walmart
What’s a girl without her trusty snowman? Dress up as Elsa and her magic creation this year.
Elsa Costume, $38 and up, Amazon and Olaf Costume, $56 and up, Amazon 
You make me un poco loco! Everyone will recognize the Disney cartoon, Coco, this Halloween.
Mama Ilmeda Costume, $67, Walmart and Hector Costume, $67, Walmart
Looking for something more unique than Jasmine and Aladdin? These two are quite possibly one of the most evil, yet hilarious duos in Disney history.
Jafar Costume, $37, Walmart and Iago Costume, $16, Walmart
Keep an eye out for the almighty claw this Halloween! Dress up as 2 of everyone’s favorite little aliens and be sure to quote “you have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful” as much as possible at this year’s spooky themed party.
Aliens Onesies, $31 each and up, Amazon
Although Mor’du is the protagonist that stalks Merida throughout the movie, she wouldn’t be the brave Disney character we know today if he hadn’t been part of the movie. With a red wig and a decent bear costume, no one will mistake your unique couples idea.
Merida Costume, $52, Walmart and Mor’du Costume, $67, Walmart
It’s reassuring to know that on a planet that has been destroyed by pollution, two little robots are still able to find love. Teleport to the future by dressing up as these lovestruck robots on Halloween.
Wall-E Costume, $43 and up, Etsy and Eve Costume, $55 and up, Etsy
We can’t forget this classic Disney couple. Dawn Jessica’s famous dress and gloves and have Roger in tow this spooky season.
Jessica Costume, $74, Walmart and Roger Rabbit Costume, $49, Walmart 
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