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Marvel hero Demolition Man, an ally of the Thing and Captain America, is notable for having a costume that rips off Daredevil and Wolverine.
When it comes to particularly odd costume decisions in classic superhero comics, one that comes to mind is D-Man, a Marvel hero who smashed together Daredevil and Wolverine’s costumes to ridiculous effect. For those not in the know, he is a close friend and ally to both Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four and Captain America. The character was created by Mike Carlin and Ron Wilson, first introduced in his civilian identity as Dennis Dunphy The Thing #28 (1986), and later in his superhero identity in Captain America #328 (1987).
Dunphy is introduced as a professional wrestler who is ordered to hunt down his friend, the Thing, by Power Broker, Inc., the corrupt corporation run by Curtiss Jackson (a.k.a. the Power Broker), which grants him enhanced strength. He refuses and resists the withdrawal effects of the addictive power-boosting drugs that his wrestling federation provides him and helps the Thing expose the conspiracy. Later, when Steve Rogers investigates the criminal operations of the Power Broker, Dunphy joins Cap and suits up in a costume to conceal his identity.
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However, he doesn’t make just any superhero costume. Dunphy is a big fan of the heroes who came before him and decides to pay homage to two of his favorites by incorporating elements of their costumes into his design. As such, he decides to wear a copy of the original yellow and brown/red/black Daredevil costume from the sixties and a Wolverine-inspired mask. And the name he chooses for himself is Demolition Man, or “D-Man” for short. His first appearances effectively illustrate his simple, good-hearted nature, and his effectiveness as a hero.
Some might argue the look doesn’t hold up the best, but that isn’t to say that it’s bad. The alias comes from his wrestling stage name, Demolition Dunphy, and cleverly incorporates the giant red “D” on the original Daredevil outfit. It also rightfully gives the impression that he “demolishes” bad guys. And the costume kind of does a good job calling back to his pro-wrestling background, since many old-school superhero costumes like Daredevil’s evoke wrestling and strongman iconography. Conveniently, Wolverine’s mask doesn’t look dissimilar from that of a Mexican luchador, which helps the effect even more.
The problem with the outfit, however, is that by its very nature, it’s derivate. It literally slaps together what are often considered the worst elements of two pre-existing costumes. While Wolverine’s mask is an iconic part of his outfit, it does have a fair share of critics. And there aren’t many people today going to bat for Daredevil’s yellow costume, even if its gaudiness has some Silver Age charm. There is a reason it was replaced by the red suit less than a year after the character’s creation. This kind of design might be more understandable if he was a legacy for these characters, but he’s not – he admires Wolverine and Daredevil (Or rather, just Daredevil. He doesn’t actually mention Wolverine) but he isn’t personally acquainted with them in his earliest appearances.
D-Man has a pretty wild history, filled with mental illness, brainwashing, several brushes with death, and even vampirism. But even when he is not wearing it, his classic Daredevil/Wolverine hybrid costume has remained an essential part of the character’s ethos. He has more than proven himself as a hero and as a true friend to the Thing and Captain America, so as long as he likes it and can fight crime well in it, maybe it doesn’t matter what he wears. So long as Nelson & Murdock doesn’t sue him for plagiarism.
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