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While Uatu may have lost against Galactus, there are many other comic book characters he could definitely defeat.
Uatu the Watcher has only recently drawn the attention of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, his participation in the Disney+ series What If…? making the show have even more depth than it normally would have. But the character has a long history in the comics.
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Uatu has occasionally abandoned his vow of non-interference to help the heroes, proving his incredible powers at the same time. Notable examples include the fight against Galactus or that against the Beyonder. He has even engaged in combat himself and has fought the Destroyer of Worlds. While Uatu may have lost against Galactus, there are many other comic book characters he could definitely defeat.
Created in the 1960s, Daredevil has a rather tragic origin story. As a child, he tries to save a blind man from an incoming truck, only to be blinded too by the radioactive substance in the car. However, he soon realizes he’s gained some superhuman skills in the process. His remaining senses are far more acute than those of a regular person.
Daredevil has developed a radar sense which has even allowed him to ‘see’ through walls on occasion. Between that and his mastery of numerous forms of martial arts, the villains in Hell’s Kitchen have a powerful foe. But the universe is much grander than the part of it Daredevil endeavors to protect. Daredevil’s advanced senses and martial arts wouldn’t help him in the slightest against the Watcher.
After receiving the Super Soldier Serum, Steve Rogers becomes Captain America. He is the peak of human perfection, his superhuman strength, speed, and agility complemented by his strategic mind. But a Super Soldier can’t really go against a being that is basically a god. Steve’s vibranium shield would not be enough to protect him from the Watcher, who has been known to manipulate time, contain universes inside him, and turn people into playing cards. This is one battle Captain America doesn’t have a chance to win.
After losing his family to a mob assassination, Frank Castle becomes the Punisher and starts a one-man war against crime. Originally a Marine Corps veteran, he is highly trained in infiltration, stealth, wielding specialized firearms and explosives, and numerous forms of martial arts. Despite his physical prowess, advanced skills, and mental discipline, Frank Castle is, in the end, just a man. His guns would likely have no effect on the Watcher.
In recent years, Wolverine has become one of the most popular  X-Men. This is in no small part because of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of him in the movies. Even beyond that popularity, the character’s history in Marvel Comics is quite fascinating. Wolverine’s main mutant power consists in his advanced healing factor, but he also displays animalistic characteristics. His senses are far sharper than those of a human. He has fangs, and his famous claws are natural, originally made out of bone.
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After he receives an infusion of adamantium through the Weapon X program, his whole skeleton becomes adamantium, making the claws indestructible metallic weapons. Even so, if Wolverine would ever dare to turn them against the Watcher, things would not end well for him. The Watcher’s telepathy could easily incapacitate him if he was feeling generous. Alternately, the Watcher could simply destroy Wolverine, as not even adamantium can survive the kind of power The Watcher has at his disposal.
Fans of the Disney+ show WandaVision undoubtedly remember Agatha Harkness as the villain pulling all the strings in Westview. In the comics, she isn’t evil. Agatha is an ancient witch, one of the most powerful magic users in the world. She tutors many characters in magic, including Scarlet Witch, though Wanda ultimately turns on her. She has a familiar named Ebony who is actually a powerful extradimensional creature.
Her amazing sorcery makes her immune to mystical attacks, while at the same time giving her abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, flight, and many others. Agatha’s magic has also prolonged her life immensely, as she is said to be over ten thousand years old. Despite her power, she remains human and her body isn’t completely invulnerable. She wouldn’t be able to fight off a threat like the Watcher.
Hawkeye’s characterization in the comics is far better than what he’s received in the MCU. While he is known for his exceptional marksmanship, he is also a master at fencing and wielding other bladed weapons like katanas. His considerable strength is optimized by his training with Captain America, and he uses a Sky-Cycle as a mode of transportation.
He’s successfully taken powerful villains down on his own, but none of those villains had access to the multiverse. The Watcher could probably see any of Hawkeye’s arrows coming, and even if he didn’t, they wouldn’t do any real damage. Truly, if the two were to fight, the Watcher would consider Clint a nuisance more than anything else.
When he is bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gains superhuman strength, speed, and agility, as well as the ability to stick to walls. One of his trademark powers is his Spider-Sense, which allows him to feel danger and has been essential in combat. Spider-Man has defeated many villains, including Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, or Mysterio. But if he ever had to fight the Watcher in a one-on-one battle, his Spider-Sense would likely tell Peter Parker to run. He’s just not on the Watcher’s level.
Venom may be one of Spidey’s most dangerous opponents, but the symbiote is originally found by Peter Parker. It binds himself to Peter, strengthening his already powerful abilities, but at the same time amplifying his dark impulses. Peter ends up rejecting the symbiote, and its power is embraced by Eddie Brock. Having been embedded in Peter’s DNA, the symbiote now gives Peter’s abilities to all its users.
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The character is much fiercer in the comics than he is in the Tom Hardy movies. He has been a terrifying villain, but also a Lethal Protector. Either way, much like Spidey, Venom wouldn’t have a chance against the Watcher. Uatu would most likely be able to separate the entity from its host and send the symbiote back to its planet.
While improperly depicted in the X-Men movies, the comics version of Storm is an Omega-level mutant with so much power that she’s actually a goddess. She inherits the gift of godhood from her ancestors and the faith of the Wakandan people gives her even more power. Storm also has magical potential and has proven to be resistant to telepathy. Even so, she is limited by the constraints of her own body. She lacks the physique of the superhuman and immortal Watcher. In a battle between the two, she would definitely lose.
Iron Man is without a doubt one of the strongest characters in the MCU and Marvel Comics. He hasn’t always made the best decisions or even been on the side of good, but if there’s something that’s always remained true, it’s that he is a genius. He has created incredibly powerful armors, including the Godkiller and the Thorbuster.
Even with all that, it seems unlikely that Tony would be able to defeat Uatu. Uatu’s cosmic abilities would overpower even the Godkiller. If nothing else, he could easily trap Tony in a time loop, like he did to Sentry.
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