Marvel Confirms The One Enemy Even Hulk Couldn't Defeat – Screen Rant

Very few in the Marvel Universe can say they cannot be beat by the Hulk, and the evil Roxxon Corporation is one such organization.
Spoilers ahead for Champions #10!
For years, the Roxxon Corporation has been one of the Marvel Universe’s most insidious villainous entities, a multi-national conglomerate that not even the Hulk can destroy. Recently, in the pages of Immortal Hulk, the Jade Giant dealt the evil corporation a massive blow, particularly to their public reputation, but in Champions #10, on sale now in print and digital, the company has bounced back and is worse than ever.
Conceived of as a stand-in for evil corporations, Roxxon first appeared in 1974’s Captain America #180, created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Sal Buscema. Much like the Exxon Corporation, which its name is a play on, Roxxon is devoted to energy, mainly through petroleum. The company engages in highly unethical business practices and has come into conflict with many Marvel heroes. Recently, in Immortal Hulk #33, Roxxon was revealed to be using the alien villain Xemnu to control people’s minds—a move that tarnished Roxxon’s public image greatly. Covertly, Roxxon was also responsible for Kamala’s Law, a misguided piece of legislation aimed at curtailing teenage superheroes. Roxxon worked with government officials to ensure the bill was passed and used captured teen heroes as guinea pigs for experiments. This earned the corporation the ire of Marvel’s teen hero team the Champions, and even after Kamala’s Law is repealed, Roxxon still seeks to control teenage heroes.
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In Champions #10, written by Danny Lore with art by Luciano Vecchio, colors by Federico Blee and letters by Clayton Cowles, Miles Morales, Sam Alexander’s Nova, and Ms. Marvel have gone undercover at Roxxon as interns. Roxxon, in its latest bid to bring the teen heroes under its thumb, has created the Chaperone program, a series of robots that use non-lethal force to “protect” teen heroes. The Champions fight back against the robots, destroying them and once again exposing Roxxon as corrupt. However, in the days that follow, Ms. Marvel reveals, thanks to slick PR on Roxxon’s part, the public once against trusts the company, and their approval numbers are higher than ever. The Champions struggle to make sense of why but have no easy answers.
Corrupt corporations make for some of the best villains in comics. Thanks to their seemingly endless supply of money and resources, they can afford the best legal representation in the world, making them successful in keeping their name clear. Furthermore, CEOs and other prominent figures in companies such as Roxxon are public figures, the types who keep their indiscretions a secret. For a hero to publicly attack a CEO, with no evidence, is bad optics; this strategy has worked wonders for Lex Luthor in the Superman comics. Corporations like Roxxon can also afford the best public relations staff too, and the evidence is at the end of this issue, as Roxxon is once again on top in the polls.
Other Marvel heroes have tried to take down Roxxon—to no avail. The Hulk fought Roxxon’ minions recently and exposed the company for what it was—but it seemed to have no effect. Efforts by other heroes, such as Spider-Man and the Champions, have also been unsuccessful in curbing Roxxon’s activities. What makes Roxxon truly insidious is there is no public face, no one person that represents the company. It is amorphous and apparently unbeatable.
Throughout the years, the Roxxon Corporation has been able to do what Doctor Doom, Kang, the Kingpin, and others have not—defeat some of the most powerful heroes Marvel has to offer, such as the Hulk. The company’s faceless nature, combined with endless financial resources, make it one of the most terrifying entities in the Marvel Universe.
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