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The Cubes in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 seem like the most potent objects on the island. Even Dr. Slone wasn’t able to stop them in Operation: Sky Fire and from the looks of it, the IO head might require some help to complete the task.
Collaborations aren’t new to Fortnite. Over the years, a plethora of characters from alternate realities such as Superman, Batman, Master Chief, and Kratos, among others, have arrived in the game.
Fortnite has also introduced characters from other dimensions in its storyline, and here are five characters that can play a prominent role in defeating the Cubes in Chapter 2 Season 8.
Saitama, better known as the One-Punch Man, is undoubtedly one of the most overpowered heroes ever. WIth a single punch, This character stopped a meteor that was capable enough to destroy cities. In other episodes, fans have witnessed him destroy dragons and the surface of planets with ease.
Naturally, defeating the Cubes in Fortnite wouldn’t be too hard for Saitama.
Goku is another anime character that fans would love to see in Fortnite. The Naruto crossover has already generated unreal hype and it is evident that the Fortnite community has many anime fans.
Goku has never failed to surprise the viewers with his power. Whatever doesn’t kill him only makes him stronger. Destroying the Cubes and gaining even more strength could be an ideal strategy for Goku.
Marvel characters have played an important role in Chapter 2 of Fortnite. So much so that Season 4 of the game was entirely based on a crossover with Marvel.
Odin is a Marvel character that is powerful enough to defeat the Cubes in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. He is one of the strongest Asgardian gods that possesses superhuman strength as well as regeneration abilities.
Over the past 18,000 years of his existence, Odin has defeated far more terrifying enemies than the Cubes in Fortnite.
Based on DC Comics, Superman has the strength to lift 200 quintillion tons with a single hand. This is enough to prove how strong this character is.
Superman’s only weakness in the entire universe is Kryptonite. Luckily, none of the Cubes on Fortnite Island possess it. Hence, defeating them will be a piece of cake for the DC superhero.
Godzilla Earth can generate extreme amounts of heat by converting excess electromagnetic energy. This is just one of the monster’s powers and it seems to be enough to destroy the Cubes in Fortnite.
Fortnitemares 2021 is now live and a Gozilla skin can undoubtedly make the event better than ever.
The characters mentioned above are strong enough to assist Dr. Slone in Chapter 2 Season 8. It would be a pleasant surprise for the fans of these franchises if Fortnite announces a collaboration this season.


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