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While superheroes usually have their regular secret identity, there are also a few who have created some bizarre alter egos over the years.
A superhero’s secret identity is usually a closely guarded secret in order to protect their alter-ego and the loved ones in their life. However, that isn’t the only reason superheroes have created new alter egos over the years, and some of them are truly bizarre.
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Sometimes these heroes needed to hide or disguise themselves with unknown alter egos, or they were forced into a new identity for story reasons. Today we are going to take a look at a few of the most bizarre identities used by Marvel heroes and the reasons they choose to switch up their identities.
Peter Parker has used a few different alter egos over the years, including the time when he created four entirely new costumed identities when Spider-Man was framed for murder during the “Identity Crisis” storyline. However, his most bizarre alternate identity came after he left his symbiote costume with Reed Richards for tests.
Thankfully his close friend Johnny Storm/Human Torch was able to loan him a spare Fantastic Four costume (with a “kick me” sign taped on the back), though Peter had to wear a brown paper bag on his head to hide his secret identity. When he was forced into battle wearing his ridiculous get-up he became the Bombastic Bag-Man, creating his most bizarre alter ego.
One of the most popular X-Men members is Logan/Wolverine, a deadly Canadian mutant with a mysterious past as a secret agent for Team X that led to his work and transformation with the Weapon X program. Wolverine has had a few different alter egos over the years since he didn’t remember his original name of James Howlett.
One of his oddest identities was the mysterious Patch who worked in the criminal city of Madripoor. Wolverine disguised himself with only an eye patch and a slicked-back hairstyle during a time when the X-Men were thought to be dead. It was a pretty weak disguise and an even weaker alter ego, though Patch has still reappeared quite a few times over the years.
Steve Rogers fought for his country as Captain America for years, though he was forced to abandon his costume and identity after he discovered that the Secret Empire organization was secretly controlled by the President of the United States.
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Rogers was a man without a country so he created a new costumed identity as Nomad in order to keep being a hero, though his new costume caused him some issues and isn’t his best look. His time as Nomad was fairly short-lived, though the costumed identity would live on in other characters like Jack Monroe and the multiversal Rikki Barnes.
Matt Murdock’s secret identity as Daredevil has been leaked and exposed quite a few times over the years, though he usually manages to either cast doubt on the revelation or erase the public’s knowledge of his identity. The “Fall from Grace” storyline saw his identity leaked in the press, and Murdock faked his death to help keep his identity secret.
He created a new alter ego as a street hustler named Jack Batlin, after his father Battlin’ Jack Murdock. However, he continued operating as Daredevil in a new armored costume while trying to convince other people in his life like Spider-Man that he wasn’t the same man behind the mask. His time as Jack Batlin was short-lived and both Murdock and his original costume soon returned.
Black Panther is an honorary title used by rulers of Wakanda, which is usually the Avenger named T’Challa. However, following his actions during the DoomWar storyline that cost Wakanda its Vibranium deposit, he handed the title to his sister Shuri and left Wakanda to find a new path.
Daredevil was on his own quest after the events of Shadowland, and he entrusted the protection of Hell’s Kitchen to T’Challa while he was away. T’Challa took on the new alter ego of Mr. Okonkwo and managed a local diner, though he operated at night as a new Man Without Fear with a tactical variation of his Black Panther costume.
Bruce Banner has gone through a few different transformations into the Hulk over the years, ranging from his Savage Hulk personality to his intelligent merged form known as Professor Hulk. However, his most bizarre alter ego saw him revert to his Gray Hulk form, where he refused to transform back into Banner.
Gray Hulk settled in Las Vegas where he became known as Mr. Fixit and he took a job as an enforcer for a casino that was influenced by young Bruce Banner’s obsession with gangster movies. Joe Fixit dressed for success while in his Hulk form, though he has also appeared as an alternate personality in Banner’s body as well during The Immortal Hulk.
While one of the biggest twists has since been confusingly retconned, Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run saw a new masked character named Xorn join the Xavier Institute. He was made a teacher and placed in charge of a class of mutant delinquents. Xorn turned out to be Magneto, and he used the alter ego and mask to hide his thoughts and identity from the X-Men.
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Magneto then used his new class to help launch an attack first on the X-Men and then humanity by nearly destroying New York City and killing Jean Grey before he was beheaded by Wolverine. This was later revealed to be a real character named Xorn who had impersonated Magneto, with the Master of Magnetism soon turning up alive again.
Janet van Dyne was the original Wasp who helped found the Avengers alongside her future ex-husband Hank Pym, who ran through an ongoing list of superhero alter egos like Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket. However, after Wasp was apparently killed by Skrulls during the Secret Invasion, Pym took on a new costumed identity to honor her.
Hank Pym created a new costume and started calling himself The Wasp, which was frequently questioned by his teammates in the Mighty Avengers. This alter ego didn’t last too long as Jan eventually returned to take back her name, which she now shares with Hank’s daughter Nadia.
Ronin is an alter ego that has been used by a few characters over the years who wanted to keep their identity secret, like Hawkeye and Echo during their time with the New Avengers. Blade the Vampire Hunter even used the name and costume when he worked with Luke Cage‘s Mighty Avengers so that vampires in the city wouldn’t learn he was in town.
However, before he was given the Ronin identity, he was forced to don an odd-looking Spider-Hero Halloween costume when he joined a battle with Spectrum and other heroes. Blade’s Spider-Hero alter ego didn’t last too long, but it was definitely one of his most bizarre identities.
Frank Castle isn’t really known for his multiple alter egos, as he has a very focused mission as The Punisher of all kinds of criminals, from gangsters to supervillains. During Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign, Daken/Dark Wolverine was sent after The Punisher to take him off the playing field. Daken succeeded in his mission and decapitated Punisher after cutting off his arms.
However, Morbius and the Legion of Monsters took his body and brought him back to life as a monster that became known as Franken-Castle. He helped the Legion of Monsters and had a deadly rematch with Daken before the magical Bloodstone returned him to normal, bringing an end to one of The Punisher’s most bizarre alter egos.
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