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Despite Disney’s laundry list of unforgettable pairs, there are still those that go without much recognition.
Disney has created some of the most romantic couples in animation. So many viewers have had their hearts melted by the likes of Aladdin and Jasmine, Belle and the Beast, and even newer entries like Anna and Kristoff. But despite the studio’s laundry list of unforgettable pairs, there are still those that go without much recognition.
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While it might be true that these characters had their moments in the spotlight, they’ve become overshadowed by newer faces and films. Although they might have fallen out of the public eye briefly, their relationships are downright magical and Disney needs to take notice.
Sure, Mickey and Minnie might get all the fame from their frequent romantic escapades, but so many people forget that they aren’t the only power couple in Toontown. While he’s been seen with a few other love interests in his career, Goofy’s main squeeze seems to be most frequently Clarabelle Cow.
From animated series to even a handful of Disney park appearances, Goofy and Clarabelle have been seen together in several different comedic escapades. Both are freakishly tall and gangly, but with Clarabelle’s down-to-earth nature playing against Goofy’s silliness, it’s a match made in heaven.
Although the couple has more frequently been seen in certain articles of Disney merchandise, the relationship between Robin Hood and Maid Marian isn’t all that much explored. Granted, the “Love” song sequence in the original ’70s classic is one of the most romantic moments from the studio, but Marian essentially disappears from the third act of the film.
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Still, the pair represent the romantic element seen across many medieval tales. The gallant hero defeating the villain and winning the hand of his lady fair might be a bit of a trope, but there are few who better represent it than this pair of foxes.
Although their relationship would essentially be nonexistent if it wasn’t for Pongo and Perdita, Roger and Anita might have ended up together naturally seeing how well they work together. The original animated feature painted the pair as hipster couple goals before hipsters were a thing, so it makes sense that whether the dogs got involved or not, the two might have wound up as an item.
They are absolutely made for each other, especially from an artistic standpoint. From their love of dalmatians to their similar color palette, Roger and Anita are certainly one of the studio’s most cherished human couples. Pongo and Perdita can certainly agree.
For a couple who literally had an entire sequel with their engagement as a subplot, these two members of the Rescue Aid Society seem to have fallen by the wayside when it comes to famous Disney couples. Bernard and Miss Bianca are a pair of adventurous mice that have quite an impressive resume together.
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Not only are they members of the Rescue Aid, but they’ve earned certified globe-trotter status with their missions taking them from the bayous to the outback. Any adventuring duo, especially a romantic couple, should be worth some serious attention from Disney.
Pixar might be the imaginative “other studio,” but they truly missed some serious potential by focusing on Woody and Bo’s relationship rather than give equal time to Buzz and Jessie’s. If anything, their relationship would open for more comedic possibilities.
Not only are they overlooked, but they’re also all so pretty underrated. The mismatching of themes and charming awkwardness makes them one of the most entertaining duos to come out of Andy’s room. Hopefully, it’s something fans might see explored in a short film.
Now for a little diddy about Max and Roxanne, the outrageously adorkable pairing from A Goofy MovieIn fact, the basic plotline of the entire film wouldn’t even have happened if a lovesick Max wasn’t trying to impress his cute, redheaded sweetheart.
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Everyone does crazy things when they’re in love, but getting his dad to sneak into a Powerline concert is pretty out there. But with how absolutely and insanely cute, awkward, and realistic these two are together, most fans would give anything to see them have a happily ever after.
Whenever somebody thinks of the typical Disney royalty they typically think of the likes of Cinderella and her prince, Belle and the Beast, and Ariel and Eric, but it’s honestly shameful to know how many times Simba and Nala are completely left out of the lineup. Given that The Lion King changed traditional animation, it’s absurd how this pair of lions has sorrowfully been left in the dust.
Although they don’t do anything groundbreaking in terms of relationship dynamics (as best friends turned lovers is a common trope), there’s still a fun pair who get their own unforgettable love song and sequence. There’s no reason they should be kept out of the regular crowd.
Just as overlooked as their movie, Milo and Kida of Atlantis are not only one of the most endearing couples, but probably one of the most realistic as well. The chemistry is there, but it’s something that happens at a gradual pace.
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What makes the relationship so special is that each partner has something that fuels the other. Milo is an educated linguist who wishes to understand the world, its cultures, and everything about it. Kida is an avid absorber who shares an interest in her people’s history that Milo has studied. How appropriate that they end their film seen together hand-in-hand.
Although there are already two films dedicated to the Parr family, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are two individuals that need their own spin-off minus the kids. They’re not just superheroes, as the Parrs are a married pair of superheroes that have married couple problems and dynamics. That’s a side Pixar should explore.
The idea of a courtship between two superheroes in this universe is stuffed full of possibilities. The potential for a prequel is all there in black and white, and hopefully Brad Bird has some ideas.
For a while, Zootopia was top of the Disney animation food chain, even giving Frozen a little competition, and Nick and Judy were right there at the forefront. But despite the film’s popularity and fanbase, the couple hasn’t been seen outside of a cameo or two.
Nick and Judy are a power couple that Disney really needs to take advantage of, especially with a spinoff series on the way. Given how the film ended setting up a potential romance, the fans need answers. This is certainly one relationship that deserves to blossom.
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