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The new LEGO Star Wars special is an entertaining forty-plus minute for families, with plenty of familiar characters for audiences to enjoy.
The latest Star Wars LEGO special is here, this time focusing on the spooky side of the Galaxy far, far away in the Halloween-themed LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales. Set after The Rise Of Skywalker, it sees Poe and BB-8 get stranded on Mustafar and find their way to Vader’s castle – now being turned into a luxury hotel – where Vaneé resides, who tells the heroes three cautionary tales.
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The special is pure fun. With some innocently scary moments fit for kids, some classic LEGO charms, and gags aplenty, it is an entertaining forty-plus minute for families, with plenty of familiar characters for audiences to enjoy.
An original character for the LEGO special is Dean, a young mechanic working for Graballa the Hutt, shown to be spirited and brave just like all young Star Wars protagonists.
Dean is hardly the complex hero that adult or mature Star Wars fans will enjoy or even remember all that well. Still, he is a central focus of Terrifying Tales and a character bound to resonate with younger audiences. For what he is, and for what Terrifying Tales is, Dean fits well.
The first of three cautionary tales told by Vaneé is “The Lost Boy,” a riff on The Lost Boys that adapts the story of Ben Solo’s fall and reintroduces Ren, played exceptionally well by Christain Slater.
Slater riffs on David Powers to play Ren and does so with the kind of humor and immature horror perfect for the child audiences who will be wholly entertained by the special. The story takes serious liberties with Ren and Ben Solo’s overall story, but that does not matter, it is a fun LEGO special, and Ren himself is still a standout character in his part of it.
The main focus of “The Lost Boy” is, of course, Ben Solo, who goes on adventures with the Knights of Ren after becoming frustrated with Luke and his Jedi teachings, eventually taking up the mantle of Kylo Ren.
Ben Solo’s story works well in Vaneé’s telling, even if it does take some logical liberties. Played well by the unsung and constantly amazing Matthew Wood, Ben Solo is the star of his fall from grace story, which provides some laughs, some genuinely creepy moments, and even appearances from the beloved original trilogy heroes.
Luke Skywalker appears as his older Jedi Master self in “The Lost Boy” but is not in it much. The actual quality of Luke’s character comes from his own story, “The Wookiee’s Paw,” a riff of the famous The Monkey’s Paw.
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The story, much like The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror version of W.W. Jacobs’ tale, sees Luke not become a Jedi, but a Sith, an apprentice of Darth Vader who does eventually blow up the Death Star, but only accidentally. It is a fun story, and it is great seeing Luke on a different path being trained by his father.
The second of the three tales told to the heroes by Vaneé is called “The Duelling Monstrosities,” a fitting title since it sees General Grievous and Maul face off in a rematch of their lightsaber duel from the must-read Star Wars canon comic run, Son of Dathomir.
Both characters are great in their story. With help from their iconic performers – Matthew Wood for Grievous and Sam Witwer for Maul – there is some hilarious comedy from the prequel villains as they battle it out for the saber of Scardont in a bid to impress Darth Sidious. Maul, of course, wins their duel, but Grievous is no less entertaining in the story.
Darth Sidious is present throughout the forty-plus minute special, and with help from Trevor Devall’s superb delivery, he provided a lot of family-friendly laughs.
Whether it be his conversation with Vader right at the start of the special, his General Weezius pun, or his “pushity push” of Maul out of his window in “The Duelling Monstrosities,” the Emperor has serious standout moments in the special. Given the fact he is one of Star Wars’ creepier villains, he fits well.
Another character whose influence is prominent throughout the special is Darth Vader. Not only is it his castle getting turned into a luxury hotel, but there is a robotic display of him in the said hotel, and he appears throughout the stories.
Perhaps the best of Vader comes in “The Wookiee’s Paw” when he becomes the Obi-Wan Kenobi for dark side Luke and tells him that his eyes can deceive him just like Kenobi did on the Millennium Falcon. Despite Vader being incredibly overpowered, an intimidating presence, and a complex character in live-action and canon Star Wars, in LEGO Star Wars, he is a great laugh for younger audiences.
As far as LEGO Star Wars programming goes, Graballa the Hutt is a mainstay. He is a consistently hilarious presence throughout all his LEGO Freemaker Adventures episodes, LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars, and Terrifying Tales.
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He is attempting to get Poe to endorse his hotel, given that Poe is a galactic celebrity following his victory on Exegol. It is because of this that Poe meets Vaneé and is told the creepy tales. Graballa has numerous funny quips in the special, and with Dana Snyder bringing the character to life, he is a standout character in Terrifying Tales.
Poe Dameron and BB-8 are one of the sequel trilogy’s best duos and one of Star Wars’ best droid companion relationships. In Terrifying Tales, that chemistry remains, and the two have some good, child-focused banter.
BB-8 does not get much time to shine solo until the end of the special, where he takes out numerous Battle Droids (who deserve a shoutout for being great once again). Poe, voiced by Jake Green, is a great lead protagonist, and it is good seeing him with stuff to do after the end of the sequel trilogy, even if Terrifying Tales is not canon.
The main antagonist of this spooky season special is Vaneé, a character seen for the first time in Rogue One, who has since been involved in numerous stories related to Vader and his castle on Mustafar. In Terrifying Tales, Vaneé is an excellent villain.
Delightfully creepy, funny, and played perfectly by Tony Hale, Vaneé brings a lot of life to the special as he attempts to unlock the Sith Holocron within Fortress Vader and harness its power. Eventually, Vaneé uses the Holocron to create a giant armored suit made from various Sith artifacts and takes control of the Battle Droids. Vaneé also acts as the narrator of the three scary stories and is just brilliant in this entertaining special from start to finish.
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