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Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is the latest Walt Disney World hotel to get a refurbished lobby. After almost four months of work, the lobby has reopened with its new look.
The lobby may be complete, but construction’s not done at the resort.
The exterior of the carriage house was refurbished in the spring of this year.
Saratoga Springs Resort has a circular lobby, with seating in the center and desks around the outside.
As with all of the recent lobby refurbishments, there is no longer one long counter but instead several desks to make the room more spacious and accessible.
A cute new addition is these giant portraits of horse characters from Disney films. One portrait hangs behind each desk.
This horse in a pink hat is Frou-Frou from “The Aristocats.”
This is Philippe from “Beauty and the Beast.”
This Shire horse is Angus, Merida’s horse in “Brave.”
Of course, the array of portraits wouldn’t be complete without Maximus from “Tangled.”
We had a hard time identifying this horse but believe it is Destiny from “Enchanted.”
Finally, a portrait of baby Pegasus from “Hercules” hangs above the children’s area in one corner of the lobby.
This area has short white chairs at a counter and around a table in front of a TV.
The architecture of the lobby is inspired by real carriage houses.
The lobby has a high ceiling with a chandelier in the center.
There are windows in a small turret at the very top of the carriage house.
Other high-up windows are framed with dark green shutters.
The sofas in the center of the room are pink velvet while the armchairs are green.
Each set of sofa and chairs has a coffee table and side table.
There are mix-and-matched pillows to lounge against.
A thin table between the sofas has accent decorations.
There are also outlets for phone charging.
To the side of the main lobby is more seating.
There are flower-patterned rugs on the floor.
There are some mirrors on the walls.
This counter holds maps and other information.
The chandelier in this area resembles tree branches with icicles dangling from it.
More seating is next to this wall of windows.
Each seating area has a different set of sofas, chairs, and tables.
Watch our video tour of the refurbished lobby below.
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