This One Connecticut Road is Considered the Scariest in the State –

It's the time of year when we actually look for things to scare us, and according to some, there's one road in Connecticut that is considered the scariest in the state.
You've probably driven down a dark and scary road at one point or another, and it can be pretty terrifying. Well there's one road in Connecticut that only those with ice in the veins drive down, and that road is Saw Mill City Road in Shelton.
According to, Saw Mill City Road is a 1.5 mile stretch that has creepy written all over it. There are also no lights on the narrow road, so it's very difficult to navigate after the sun goes down.
As legend has it, there's a group of people that are hiding in the woods, refered to by the locals as monsters or mutants, that have been seen running from tree to tree, with an increase in sightings during the warmer weather months. There have also been reports of mysterious orbs spotted, and screaming from multiple directions at once as well. For a little added terror, there's even what the locals refer to as a haunted house located on the road.
So just what are these monsters that people claim are living in the woods on Saw Mill City Road? Some say they are the old urban legend "Melon Heads", and they have allegedly been observed hunched over at the local reservoir, drinking. They have also been heard breathing in the woods behind hikers. Others claim these "Melon Heads" place dead deer in the road to cause accidents, while others claim to have made direct eye contact with their deformed faces.
So, if you're brave enough to take a trip down Saw Mill City Road, whether it's by car, or foot, those that live nearby say to wear something reflective, and never go alone.
Here's a report on the road done by WFSB, Channel 3 in Connecticut, a few years ago.


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