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WandaVision’s Agatha Harkness will star in her own Disney+ series, and there are several Marvel characters who would be great company for the witch.
Agatha Harkness is undoubtedly the breakout star of WandaVision. Portrayed by the brilliant Kathryn Hahn, Agatha earned acclaim from critics and fans alike — Hahn even received an Emmy nomination — and cemented herself as one of the most powerful magic users in the MCU.
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Recently, Variety reported that Disney+ is developing an Agatha spinoff. The move makes perfect sense as a way of increasing the magical corner of the MCU. It also opens the door for plenty of Marvel characters to pop into Agatha’s world. Some might make their MCU debut, and others might be returning characters, but they would all be worthy additions to Agatha’s story.
The MCU will welcome Moon Knight into their ranks at some point in 2022. Oscar Isaac will play the character in a Disney+ miniseries that will be part of the MCU’s Phase 4. Details of the show remain unknown, but Moon Knight will still serve as the conduit for the Egyptian God Khonshu.
Moon Knight’s best storylines from the comics play on his mystical nature, making him an ideal character to pop by Agatha’s world. The Agatha show might be set in the past, at least partially, and it could establish a previous connection between her and Moon Knight, strengthening his bonds to the larger MCU.
It’s been a while since Blade graced the silver screen. Wesley Snipes played the character in the Blade trilogy before the rights reverted to Marvel Studios. Mahershala Ali will take over the role of Marvel’s perfect vampire hunter. Blade will introduce a whole new corner to the MCU, and Agatha fits right in. It wouldn’t be absurd to think Agatha came across vampires in her many years of life. She could prove a valuable ally for the dhampir.
It’s unclear when Blade will make his MCU debut, but it won’t be in Phase 4. It’s unlikely that Agatha’s show will be part of Phase 4, so both projects will likely be part of Phase 5.
In the comics, Agatha first encounters the Daughter of Liberty during the American Civil War. A self-described group of young women fighting for justice in the world, the Daughters of Liberty learn magic under Agatha’s tutelage. It’s the first time Agatha acts as a teacher, although it wouldn’t be the last (more on that later).
The Daughters of Liberty is one of the many Marvel teams yet to debut in the MCU. As an all-female group, they could add some much-needed diversity to the primarily male team-ups currently inhabiting the MCU. They could also bring back some beloved characters that the MCU neglected.
Speaking of neglected characters, none comes to mind more than Margaret Carter. Peggy is Steve Rogers’ love interest in the MCU, debuting in Captain America: The First Avenger. She starred in a short-lived series before making sporadic appearances throughout the Infinity Saga.
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Agatha and Peggy meet through the Daughters of Liberty, although their connection happens long after Agatha’s first encounter with the group. Their relationship is intriguing and somewhat random, but Peggy is such a well-known member of the MCU that her participation in Agatha’s show would be a pleasant surprise for long-time fans.
Nicholas Scratch is Agatha Harkness’ son with her unnamed husband. Fans believed he would first appear in the MCU during WandaVision, and some people even believed Evan Peters would play him. Alas, it didn’t happen, but his arrival could happen during Agatha’s show.
Comic book fans know that Nicholas Scratch often acts as a villain, mainly to the Fantastic Four. He plays a prominent role during the New Salem storyline, during which he kidnaps Agatha and Franklin Richards, taking them back to New Salem and meaning to kill them.
Agatha made a powerful connection with Wanda Maximoff during WandaVision. She did act as the story’s villain but still provided Wanda with context about her past and future, facilitating her transformation into the Scarlet Witch.
In the comics, Agatha acts as Wanda’s mentor. Once the Scarlet Witch begins suffering from mental illness, Agatha also serves as her carer. The MCU seems to be hinting that Wanda will be the next Big Bad, and it might happen as soon as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. If she does suffer a breakdown following the movie’s events, who better to care for her than Agatha? The show could tackle Agatha’s efforts to track Wanda or even take place while caring for the fragile witch.
Perhaps WandaVision‘s most important development was the arrival of Wiccan and Speed, Wanda’s children. The show ended with the hint that Tommy and Billy didn’t disappear with the hex. Wanda won’t ignore their cries for help, and with the multiverse now a reality, it’s possible she’ll launch a search for them.
Despite her evil motives, Agatha did act as a nanny of sorts under her Agnes persona. With the twins lost somewhere in the multiverse, perhaps they could contact Agnes to help them? If they are already out of their prison by then, they could still show up in the show, probably as a setup for the Young Avengers’ eventual arrival into the MCU.
In WandaVision, Agatha owns the Darkhold, the Book of the Dead. She uses it to reveal crucial information about Wanda’s role in the larger MCU, including the tidbit about chaos magic. Wanda takes the book at the series’ end and begins to study it actively.
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In the comics, the Darkhold contains the collective knowledge of the demon Chthon, who’s also the source for Wanda Maximoff’s powers (in some versions). Most fans believed Mephisto would be the demonic entity to appear first in the MCU. However, it’s now more likely that Chthon, who also has a close relationship with chaos magic, will make it to the shared universe first. What better place to make his debut than Agatha’s show?
Agatha has a very close bond with Wanda in the comics. She is one of the few people the Scarlet Witch trusts, a faith shared by the young woman’s father, Magneto.
The arrival is the X-Men in the MCU is the stuff of intense debate among fans. Some say they shouldn’t appear until Phase 5 or even later, while others believe their entrance should’ve already happened. Still, a show detailing Agatha’s life would be the perfect way to integrate at least some mutants into the MCU, and Magneto is arguably the best choice. Magneto is notoriously nomadic in the comic, so his path could’ve crossed Agatha’s at some point in the past.
Other than Wanda, Agatha’s most meaningful relationship in the comic is with her ward, Franklin Richards, the son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman. Franklin is a reality warper of exceptional gifts and one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Agatha has a soft spot for him, and the Fantastic Four trusted her so much they often left Franklin under her sole care while they went on their missions.
Like the X-Men, the Fantastic Four are characters who fans want to see in the MCU. Kevin Feige confirmed Marvel’s First Family would have an MCU movie, so it isn’t ridiculous to think they might appear in Agatha’s show with their arrival established. If not the four Fantastics, then at least Franklin. After all, he is a crucial character in Agatha’s story. His participation would make all the sense in the world.
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