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Christina, who goes by @brunette_of_vantes on Instagram, created a look from the movie’s famous spaghetti scene a few years back. 
To do the same, simply have one person dress in a brown outfit, and another wear gray. Then add ears, dark makeup to create dog noses, and a DIY table with fake pasta as a prop.
This look is best if you want to make your costume by hand. Simply sew or paint black and white stripes on a brown dress or shirt, and add either a face mask or makeup to mirror the character’s expressions.
Dolly, a Disney fan who recently dressed as one of the characters with a friend, can provide the ultimate inspiration for your costume. You can find her on Instagram under the name @thedolly.llama.
Brianna — @disneywithbree on Instagram — and her husband dressed as the cartoon characters for Halloween in 2018, and the costume is still a fan-favorite today.
To channel Barbie, you’ll need a metallic blue jumpsuit, pink belt, sneakers, leg warmers, and a bright scrunchie. For Ken’s look, wear a leopard-print shirt, blue shorts, and a matching ascot. 
Luckily, both of the cartoon characters wear outfits that are pretty easy to re-create — just follow the lead of Disney fans David and Jana, also known as @janajedlicka online.
You can buy your Woody costume from a store like Spirit Halloween, or you can pair a yellow top with blue jeans, a cow-print vest, and brown boots. For Bo Peep, you’ll need to wear an all-blue outfit, pink bows, and a long cape.
Influencer Jenn, known as @pbandjellyjenn online, made both ideas work. She wore Snow White’s classic dress and bow headband, while her husband wore a cape-style top that resembled the movie’s poison apple.
If you have any little ones in your family, you could also dress them as the film’s beloved seven dwarfs, like Dopey.
Classic Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse are often dressed in costumes to celebrate Halloween at Disney theme parks. Their looks are so cute that some fans, like Brittany K. of @junglebrittany, wore one of the outfits for Halloween in 2019.
You can do the same by either sewing and crafting a costume, or finding similar pieces to put together a DIY look. 
Disney fan @vaeshawn did just that when he and a friend dressed as Max and Roxanne from “A Goofy Movie.”
You can make the same costumes with clothes that are likely already in your wardrobe. For Max’s look, you’ll need jeans, a black long-sleeve top underneath an orange T-shirt, DIY ears, and makeup to re-create the character’s nose.
Roxanne’s look requires jeans, a blue top, similar makeup, and vibrant orange hair.
This Halloween, @kayla.dawn21 and her 7-month-old English labrador Aria dressed as the Hawaiian cartoon characters.
Stitch suits for dogs can be found online through retailers like ShopDisney, while Lilo’s outfit can be handmade with a red dress and a white leaf stamp.
Of course, you could dress as Max, Dani, or one of the movie’s witches. Or you could follow the lead of Madz Lee, who goes by @kraftykacen on Instagram, and dress as Jay and Ernie.
You can wear clothes from your closet for their looks, including a black leather jacket and a navy bucket hat. You’ll also want to make sure your hair matches theirs. Jay has shaggy blonde strands, while Ernie has brown hair with his nickname “Ice” shaved into it.
Mel, @meleficent13 on Instagram, dressed as Phineas in 2018, while her partner dressed as Ferb.
You can do the same with their signature outfits and colorful wigs. Phineas wears an orange-and-tan striped shirt with blue shorts, while Ferb rocks a pastel-yellow polo underneath purple high-waist trousers.
Lizzy Jones, @soundproofliz on Instagram, did just that in September when she dressed as Abigail Chase from the film franchise.
You can do the same with a glamorous black dress, white gloves, and some standout props — specifically a lemon slice and a Q-tip. You’ll also want to have a friend or significant other dress as Benjamin Gates, the movie’s main character, with a Declaration of Independence in hand.
Inspired by “The Lizzie McGuire Movie,” Becky Dianne and Kama Harpe dressed as Lizzie and Isabella one Halloween. For the former character, they made a lavender outfit with flare pants, while Isabella’s look included a feathered skirt, black tights, and a cropped jacket.
More photos of their outfits can be seen on their Instagram pages: @atlantaprincessbecky and @atlantaprincesskama.


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