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For fans who can’t wait for February to read more about DC’s Monkey Prince, a new short story, “Apokolips in the Heavenly Realm,” just posted to and In this new tale, available now, you’ll see the classic Journey to the West characters—Sun Wukong, King Bull Demon, Princess Iron Fan, Red Boy, and Erlang Shen—defending the heavenly realm against Darkseid and his parademons! “Apokolips in the Heavenly Realm” is by writer Gene Luen Yang ???, artist Bernard Chang ???, artist (for flashback scenes) Billy Tan of Tan Comics ??? of ????, colorist Sebastian Cheng ???, and letterer Janice Chiang ???. DC’s Jessica Chen ??? edits Monkey Prince.
NEWS WATCH: DC’s Monkey Prince: New 12-Issue Comic Book Series to Debut on Lunar New Year 2022 South African father, technology, sci-fi, fantasy nut and lifelong comic reader….. my love of costumed capers started very early after a chance encounter with a spinner full of comics in a local convenience store. I am a fan of all things Marvel, Dc, and Image including X-men, X-force, New Mutants, Teen Titans, Saga, Hellboy, Wayward, Gen13, Nightwing, Sandman and many more.
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