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October 13, 2021 by
Katrina Auburn, who is running unopposed for Position 1 on the Twisp Town Council, said her love of Twisp, and her long experience doing business in town, motivated her to seek a seat on the board.
Auburn is familiar to patrons of the Twisp Feed and Rental store on the corner of Second Avenue and Highway 20. She began working at the store 23 years ago, purchased it 17 years ago and has managed the business since then.
“I have enjoyed working with and supporting the long-time ranchers and farmers of our valley, as well as assisting newcomers who are learning their way here,” Auburn said.
Running a business in the heart of town, “you become more involved and aware” of town affairs, she said. “I see so many improvements that have gone on over the last several years. I just felt it was a good opportunity to be part of a town that I love.”
Auburn said she wants to bring “balance and insight” to the town council.
“Saying that, I don’t feel like we’re out of balance,” she said. “I think our mayor has done a great job upgrading our town — a great job at keeping changes slow and not drastic. It doesn’t mean everything has pleased everybody,” she said.
Some developments in town, like construction of a new civic center, have had detractors, she said. But she is pleased that a significant part of the funding for the civic center has come from federal grants.
“I would rather see my federal money come back to Twisp in the form of a grant than go to another country,” she said.
For the past couple of years Auburn has served as a business representative on the Twisp Economic Revitalization Committee. 
Among the projects discussed by the committee is construction of a traffic roundabout at the intersection of Glover Street and Highway 20. She thinks that could be a positive development for the town.
“I see how fast tourist traffic and local traffic passes through Twisp,” she said.
She said she is not focused on any particular issues facing the town, other than managing its growth in a way that maintains the community’s character and traditions.
“I have interest in watching our town continue to grow in a direction that is pleasing to most everyone.”
Her decision to seek election was inspired by seeing the progress made in upgrading town infrastructure under Mayor Soo Ing-Moody. “For the years I’ve been here, she is the first one who makes me want to be involved. She has made some positive changes for our town. This woman gets stuff done.”
The current leadership of Twisp has been responsive to citizens, Auburn said. “I feel like our council is approachable. I can talk to all of them.”
She plans to bring that same openness when she joins the board. “I feel like people will talk to me. I feel like I’m approachable.”
Auburn said she leans “moderate to conservative” politically, although she doesn’t think political persuasions are important in town governance.
“I think that for most people it’s not about politics. It’s about a boundary line, or their sewer. It’s not about politics in a town like ours,” she said.
“I truly care about people and their situation in the town of Twisp. I want to be supportive. I want to be able to hear from people and be an asset for the town and its people,” Auburn said.
Auburn is running for the seat held by Hannah Cordes, who chose not to seek re-election.
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