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We’ve seen how Venom fares against fellow MCU characters, but how about the heroes and villains of My Hero Academia?
Venom was one of Marvel’s most iconic characters and Spider-Man’s greatest opponents. He demonstrated a particularly impressive number of skills in Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, illustrating incredible tenacity, strength, and resilience throughout his battles to save his loved ones.
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However, the symbiote is far from invulnerable. By identifying the My Hero Academia characters he could defeat and those he would lose to, we can better appreciate the limits of his strength. Moreover, we gain a firmer understanding of how he would fare against characters outside the Marvel universe.
As the Number Two hero, one might expect Hawks to perform well against Venom. His flight affords high mobility, and his feathers are as sharp as steel.
However, Venom’s elongated appendages would provide him a means of tearing the hero out of the sky. Moreover, considering that he survived being impaled multiple times by Carnage (a villain strong enough to suspend cars with a thin strand of his body), Hawks’ feathers would have relatively low impact against him.
Present Mic’s Quirk allows him to unleash a high pitched sonic scream. It was powerful enough to cause Jiro’s ears to bleed from across the battlefield even when he could not directly see her.
Since the symbiote has a weakness to sound, this would force him from his host almost immediately. From there, Mic could easily subdue Eddie Brock with a second scream, denying his sludge-like counterpart a host and concluding the battle decisively in his favor. The hero’s range would be particularly useful in a city environment, as he could attack Venom from relative safety.
Kirishima’s hardening entails that he could last much longer against Venom than most of his classmates. It made him durable enough to resist Rappa’s punches and even break a flurry of steel blades against his body.
However, the hero’s strength is mostly underwhelming. He barely beat Tetsutetsu in an arm wrestle, who in turn could only topple a small water tower using all of his strength. Consequently, Venom would be able to shrug off his punches and wait until his hardening had expired before eating him.
Endeavor is the current Number One hero and for good reason. His “Hell Spider” technique was powerful enough to reduce an entire skyscraper to ashes in a matter of seconds, and he disintegrated a nomu down to a molecular level.
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Endeavor was durable enough to survive being impaled multiple times by High-End and had an excellent premonition for danger. It follows that he could exploit Venom’s weakness to fire, overwhelming him with a copious amount of heat to expel the symbiote from Eddie Brock’s body. Given the caliber of Endeavor’s attacks, Venom’s host might not survive the battle even if the hero tried to spare him.
In theory, Fat Gum might be able to defeat Venom if he absorbed enough physical abuse. Given that he overwhelmed Rappa in a single punch despite the barrier protecting him, the hero’s offensive potential is frequently underrated.
However, Fat Gum’s blubber only shields him from blunt attacks. Given that Venom can fashion his hands into sharp claws (or simply rip the hero’s head off with a single menacing bite), he’d have no difficulty securing a decisive victory.
As the twelfth-strongest hero in Japanese society, Gang Orca’s experience made him the formidable proctor of the Hero Licensing Exam. He demonstrated profound speed and skill during the battle against Bakugo and Todoroki, suggesting that his reflexes rival Venom’s own.
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Although still physically weaker than the symbiote, Gang Orca’s hypersonic emissions would provide the tool he needs to win. It would forcibly separate Eddie Brock from his alien, weakening him to the verge of powerlessness.
Moonfish’s Quirk allowed him to protrude dozens of deadly blades from his mouth. They were potent enough to slice through the boughs of trees, suggesting that they might rip through people just as easily.
However, Venom was able to survive dozens of gunshots, as well as being impaled repeatedly by Riot. Therefore, he’d have little issue pushing past the villain’s steel as he bounded toward him and decisively tore his head from his shoulders.
Todoroki’s ice may not capitalize on any of Venom’s explicit weaknesses, but it would still manage to petrify him, if momentarily. This was proven on multiple occasions, such as when he froze half of the Sports Festival arena against Bakugo and during his training operation to save Mirio.
With Venom momentarily subdued, Todoroki could unleash a subsequent flame attack that would turn the monster’s greatest weakness against him. His elemental combination would provide a route to victory in spite of his low durability, mobility, and overreliance on his Quirk.
Gentle Criminal’s Quirk allowed him to warp his terrain to his advantage. He could rubberize surfaces with such efficiency that he even evaded Deku for a time, and his air projectiles were formidable enough to stagger him.
However, he can only reach his fullest potential with La Brava’s enhancement, who wouldn’t be available in a fair duel. Moreover, Venom was agile enough to scale towering buildings in a matter of seconds. It follows that he could tackle Gentle Criminal out of the sky in moments before rending and feasting on his flesh.
Bakugo’s “Explosion” Quirk allowed him to imitate flight by propelling himself forward. This would make it impractical for Venom to attack him, as getting close might risk a fiery barrage.
Even if Venom manages to land a hit successfully, Bakugo was durable enough to survive being smashed into the ground by All Might with such force that it created a small crater. Since his Quirk was powerful enough to obliterate Todoroki’s glaciers, it follows that he could force the symbiote from Eddie Brock’s body while outlasting the few glancing attacks he might suffer in exchange.
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