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The most ruthless characters from marvel have now been ranked. When it comes to Marvel, we can name one too many characters and the list would still go on. But the question is, who is the most ruthless and toughest character of all times? Well, that’s why we’re here. A new list has surfaced online which has ranked the Marvel characters according to their ruthlessness. So without wasting any more time, let’s take a dive into it. Check it out!

The Goddess of Death was cast away by Odin after he was done with his bloody shenanigans. However, the moment Odin left, she came back to claim the throne. As we’ve seen in Th0r: Ragnarok, she is easily one of the most ruthless characters ever.
Here comes the real big bad and the most loved villain of all times, the Mad Titan, Thanos. He has haunted the heroes of the MCU since the beginning before his arc ended in Avengers: Endgame. 
Currently, Ultron has haunted the multiverse in Marvel’s What If…? But back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the corrupted A.I. right away headed for mass genocide and gave the Avengers a really hard time. Easily one of the most ruthless characters of Marvel.
Who doesn’t know the multiversal threat, who’s always hungry, and only feeds on planets? If it wasn’t for Doctor Strange, Dormammu would have conquered Earth and who knows what would have happened.

The owner and mastermind behind the Red Room, General Dreykov, is the reason why the world is put in chaos. First, he doesn’t care about women AT ALL, and in entirety is a pretty messed up guy. So, he deserves to be on the list.
Killmonger is King T’Challa’s cousin and an extremist. The character was portrayed by Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther in a power-packed performance. The entire aura that surrounded Kilmonger was magnificent. He did not hesitate in going against the entire nation, and frankly, did very well.

The real Mandarin is here, and he is straight-up ruthless. The reason why he stands out is that he took his son to a gaming parlour to confront some bad guys. He splattered the head of a guy while his young son watched everything.
The CEO of AIM was a direct nemesis of Stark Industries. His most ruthless act is that he took out Maya Hansen in cold blood and tried to roast Rhodey while he was in his Iron Patriot suit.
Bucky Barnes, even though ruthless, has a really disturbing backstory in Marvel. However, his most ruthless act is when he killed Tony Stark’s parents in cold blood. But his entire arc has folded well in the MCU. We will now see him in the upcoming Captain America 4, but a cameo is also something to look out for.
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