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In Netflix’s Maid, Alex meets many different character along her journey, all with different skills, abilities and levels of intelligence.
Maidbased on Stephanie Land’s memoir of the same name, tells the harrowing story of Alex, who leaves the emotionally abusive father of her child and bravely attempts to make a better life for herself and her daughter. Alex finds a job as a maid and gradually attempts to build a new life from the bottom up, overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.
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Throughout Alex’s journey as one of TV’s most memorable maids, various characters play different roles in her life, either helping or hindering her efforts. Some characters are intelligent in terms of their formal education or creativity, but many are smart because of their ability to adapt to new situations and understand other people.
Hank, Alex’s father and one of the worst TV dads ever, had problems with addiction and was abusive to Alex’s mother during Alex’s childhood. He is consistently absent when Alex needs him and he wants to brush the traumatic events of his daughter’s youth under the metaphorical carpet.
Hank is the least intelligent character in the series because he is so ignorant of how his actions have affected other people. He does not learn from his mistakes or try very hard to make up for them and displays a distinct lack of understanding in the seriousness of his behavior.
A long-term friend of Sean’s, Ethan has relatively little screentime but is still quite an important character. He is very sociable, likes to party, and seems to have a carefree approach to life.
It is his habit of not taking things seriously — even when they are — that makes Ethan not very smart. When Alex initially seeks refuge with Ethan and his girlfriend, Ethan has already spoken to Sean, who is on his way over. Ethan does not understand the severity of the situation, nor does he understand that he should talk to his friend about his emotionally abusive behavior.
Sean, Maddy’s father and Alex’s on-again, off-again partner, does not provide a safe environment for his partner and daughter. He struggles with addiction and is extremely controlling and threatening to Alex.
Sean has many moments of ignorance and doing the wrong thing during the series. However, he does possess a modicum of self-awareness. He eventually acknowledges that his behavior is completely unacceptable and he cannot, at least currently, be a safe caregiver for his daughter.
Yolanda, owner of the cleaning business that Alex works for, is blunt and straight-talking. She resists feeling too much empathy for Alex because her priority is making money for her business.
Yolanda may not be full of emotional intelligence, but her keen business savvy and the ability to wear many hats in the workplace proves that she is a smart woman.
While Paula is not always (or ever) a stable and reliable parent to Alex, she loves her daughter and wants her to be safe and happy; she wants Alex to have more than she has herself. While Paula steers clear of finances and paperwork, she does so by choice as a protest to modern-day Western life.
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Paula’s strongest form of intelligence is her creativity. She conceptualizes everything and is constantly creating something incredible out of nothing. She also speaks very articulately and is proud of Alex for getting a college scholarship, although she herself seems to purposefully boycott institutionalized learning.
Danielle is bubbly, ambitious, straight-talking, and kind. She lives above Alex in the domestic violence center. Danielle demonstrates great social intelligence throughout the series — when Alex is struggling when she first arrives at the center, Danielle immediately recognizes that she needs a friend. Similarly, when Maddy is taken away from Alex, Danielle instinctively knows what she needs — she forces Alex off the floor and encourages her to fight back and confront Regina regarding non-payment.
While Danielle shows incredible emotional intelligence and quiet wisdom, she sometimes demonstrates a lower situational intelligence, like when she steals Regina’s dog.
Nate is an old acquaintance of Alex’s who wants to be in a romantic relationship with her. He wants to help Alex and, although it takes some convincing, Alex eventually agrees to take his old car and temporarily lives in his home with Paula and Maddy.
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As an engineer, Nate has a formal education and has demonstrated his ability to learn and apply his studies to life and work. While he shows emotional and social intelligence, he does try and push Alex into a relationship, not understanding the complexity of the situation she is in and why she cannot be in a romantic relationship.
Regina does not make a good first impression when she refuses to pay for Alex’s cleaning despite having the money.
Although initially, Regina demonstrates an ignorance in regards to the struggle of others, she does very much make up for this later in the series. She learns to respect Alex and recognizes her actions are wrong. Additionally, she trusts her intuition that Alex is in trouble and supports her in finding refuge the second time she leaves Sean. Regina is also a very successful lawyer, proving her intelligence.
Denise runs the domestic violence center where Alex and Maddy live twice after leaving Sean. Denise shows incredible kindness and sensitivity to those she meets and supports, and spends her life helping women who have experienced or are experiencing dangerous situations.
She has unparalleled wisdom when it comes to human nature and seems to intuitively understand what people need and how she can help, but never judges. Denise’s social intelligence seems to come from experience, but she is definitely one of the smartest characters on the series.
Alex faces so many struggles throughout the series; time and time again it seems like the world is against her. She wants nothing more than to be a good mother to her daughter, having experienced such an emotionally turbulent childhood herself.
Alex is constantly in situations where she needs to learn and adapt quickly. She always manages to do so, showing incredible resilience, determination, and a large capacity to learn. She is proactive in finding solutions, creative when it comes to her writing, and demonstrates a great social intelligence with everyone she meets, making her the smartest character in Maid.
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