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The perfect Halloween movies that won’t scare you out of your pants.
It’s finally October which means it’s time to watch some spooky movies that will get you in a frightful mood. However, not everyone wants to be scared out of their pants. Some people just want a light taste of Halloween. If this is you, then Disney+ is the perfect streaming service to get the Halloween atmosphere without the scares.
Disney has a good selection of family Halloween films that will give you enough witches and ghouls to keep you satisfied. Many of these are nostalgic classics that may even become annual viewings. Here are seven great Halloween movies to check out on Disney+ this October.
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From the mind of Tim Burton, Frankenweenie is a bizarre, heartwarming stop-motion animation. Similar to Corpse Bride, it has Burton’s unique character design where characters have skinny bodies but large, bulging eyes. The story centers around a young Victor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan) who figures out a way to reanimate his beloved pooch, Sparky (Frank Welker). However, when others around the town discover his ability to bring back pets, they begin abusing this ability, creating chaos around town.
In addition to the somewhat creepy animation, Frankenweenie is in black and white, harkening back to classic Universal monster movies. It also puts a creative spin on the classic Frankenstein story by Mary Shelley. The story manages to tell a sweet story of the relationship between a boy and his dog while also warning of the dangers of messing with nature. It’s definitely a lot tamer than Pet Sematary, but it carries similar themes.
For this one, only the Ichabod section really applies. This section of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad is Disney’s adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This is one of the most classic Halloween spooky stories and Disney brings it to life very well. While it is goofier than it is scary, the actual scene where Ichabod encounters the Headless Horseman is quite alarming.
The Headless Horseman carries a Jack-O-Lantern as a head and chases Ichabod through the woods on a black horse, swinging and slashing a sword. He has a menacing cackle that is spine-tingling. The ending of this story is also so ambiguous and it leaves you with a chill. This is a perfect blend of classic Disney animation and scary stories.
While this movie doesn’t have the greatest reputation, there is still a lot to love here. The Haunted Mansion oozes with Halloween energy, with plenty of ghosts, spiders, and creepy characters to create a haunting atmosphere. Eddie Murphy is always a good time and he brings a lot of energy to this movie. However, the highlight has to be Terrence Stamp as an eerie butler whose voice almost has an echo.
Fans of the Disney ride will also get a kick out of the many references to the classic attraction. There are many characters and scenes from the ride that become important to the overall narrative. It may not be perfect, but it will give you what you’re looking for in October.
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Disney Channel has plenty of original Halloween movies that have become cult classics with many who watched these movies when they were kids. The one movie that seems to have stuck out the most is Halloweentown. Halloweentown follows a family of witches who follow their Grandma (Debbie Reynolds) back to her home in Halloweentown. Once there, the family discovers an evil entity who not only threatens Halloweentown, but the world itself.
90’s kids movies are already cheesy. Now tack on Disney Channel. Everything is incredibly cheesy and awkward from the acting to the effects. Even Halloweentown looks like a pumpkin patch. However, there’s something addicting about the film’s cheesiness. It makes for an entertaining experience that has plenty of charm and sweet, family moments. If you enjoy this one, then check out its three sequels which are just as corny and fun.
Out of any movies on this list, Hocus Pocus may be the most popular. It’s become an annual tradition for many as it’s so perfect for Halloween. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy play the Sanderson Sisters, a trio of witches who feed on the life force of children to stay young. When they are killed by the local townsfolk in the 1600s, the witches cast a curse that states if a virgin lights the black flame candle, the witches will return. When this happens in present-day (1993), the witches wreak havoc on the town and must be stopped before they devour all of the children in Salem.
Despite being villains, the three sisters completely steal the movie. Parker, Najimy, and Midler give infectious performances, with great comedic timing and plenty of energy. They are clearly having a ball and it’s not to enjoy the ride with them. In addition, Hocus Pous is filled with great Halloween imagery like graveyards, trick-or-treating, costumes, and zombies. Even though Hocus Pocus was initially a flop, it’s become so popular that a sequel featuring the original three actresses will be coming to Disney+. Turn this movie on and allow it to put a spell on you.
Coco isn’t technically about Halloween, but it’s about the Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos), a Mexican holiday that begins the night after Halloween. However, the imagery is similar to Halloween; it’s just more focused on honoring the dead instead of scaring people. There are still plenty of skeletons and Fall imagery that will capture the spirit of October.
Coco is about Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez), a young man who is transported to the land of the dead. He seeks the help of his family to get back to the living world, however, his family’s incredibly strict policy against music forces him to choose between his family and his passion. Coco is one of Pixar’s best movies and features an incredibly emotional story about family and how we remember the loved ones we have lost. In classic Pixar style, the end will have you bawling. It has great characters, beautiful animation, and vividly represents the culture and themes of the Day of the Dead.
There is debate on whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie. While you could watch it during both, this movie belongs to Halloween. The story centers around Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town. When Jack becomes bored of the yearly routine, he stumbles upon Christmas Town and instantly becomes fascinated. While Jack’s intentions aren’t harmful, he ends up creating a horrible catastrophe when he blends the worlds of Christmas and Halloween.
Tim Burton’s unique vision once again strikes here as this movie has a distinct visual style. Everything has an eerie aesthetic from the characters to the set designs. The stop-motion animation still holds up almost 30 years later. What really makes this film unique is the original score and songs from Danny Elfman. From the haunting “This is Halloween” to the cheerful “What’s This?”, the songs are all catchy with beautiful melodies. This is the perfect Halloween movie that is also able to infuse two holidays together.
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