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Captain Marvel and All for One are incredibly different characters, but his powers are just as remarkable as hers.
Carol Danvers is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first female-led movie in the MCU, Captain Marvel has been subjected to some criticism – especially since Black Widow’s origin story would have been more appropriate for that particular moment. Still, Carol’s character has potential and she’s already shown her amazing abilities & grit during the battle against Thanos.
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But there are more villains out there than Thanos, and some may prove to be an unexpectedly difficult challenge for Carol. In the anime My Hero Academia, the villain All for One is the center of all criminal activity, his rivalry with the hero All Might changing the lives of everyone around him. Captain Marvel and All for One are incredibly different characters, but his powers are just as remarkable as hers. In a battle between MHA‘s most evil villain and the cosmic Avenger & former Kree warrior, it’s unclear who would come out the victor.
Carol joins the Air Force as a young woman, but she isn’t allowed to fly in combat due to military restrictions. She is given a position in the PEGASUS Project, working under Doctor Wendy Lawson. Carol would later come to learn that Lawson is actually an alien, her real name being Mar-vell. The two are attacked by the villainous Yon-Rogg, and Carol destroys the Light-Speed engine created by Mar’vell to keep it from falling into his hands.
Powered by the Tesseract, the technology erupts into a burst of energy Carol absorbs. From that moment, her biology completely changes, her contact with the power of the Tesseract giving her a hybrid physiology. Captain Marvel’s strength, agility, and speed are superhuman, and her musculature is so advanced she practically doesn’t get tired. All for One, despite all his power, is still very much limited by the biological constraints of a human being.
From the point of view of MHA, Captain Marvel’s powers originate from a mutation. In the original Marvel Comics, the mutant Rogue was able to take her powers, but Carol’s half-Kree biology caused something to go awry and Carol’s consciousness to also imprint on Rogue’s.
All for One’s power is not unlike Rogue’s. He is capable of taking mutation quirks and manifesting them at will. It wouldn’t be out of the question that he would be able to take Carol’s abilities, in which case all her powers would be for nothing.
Carol’s hybrid physiology includes some extra advantages. Her superhuman durability is so potent she has held the Tesseract with her bare hands and come out with no damage. At the beginning of Captain Marvel, she falls from a great height through the roof of a Blockbuster store. She shakes off the incident with no apparent injuries. Her longevity factor has also left her untouched by time, despite the fact that her original transformation took place in the 1990s.
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All for One has numerous quirks that fulfill the same purpose. He has Doctor Kyudai Garaki’s Life Force Quirk, which significantly enhances his lifespan. He also has powerful regeneration abilities, just like Carol. Unfortunately, he was severely wounded in the battle with All Might, so if he were to fight Carol, he’d start at a significant disadvantage.
While All for One’s main physical form may have been injured, it’s not something that will hinder him forever. He has made a contingency plan, in the form of his successor, Tomura Shigaraki. The transfer of the Quirk All for One into Tomura’s body also allows All for One to use Tomura as a vessel. Tomura doesn’t have the same health issues All for One did, and he has shown tremendous regeneration abilities. Carol doesn’t have the convenient option of a backup, and if she were to receive a lethal blow, she would be gone forever.
Captain Marvel’s most iconic ability may be her photon blasts. She is able to channel energy through her whole body, which she uses for various purposes. The photon blasts are her most notable attack weapon, and through them, she directs massive bolts of energy at her opponents. Captain Marvel has used them against the Skrull Talos, Yon-Rogg, and even Thanos – though Thanos was able to block them.
Considering his power, All for One may be able to block Captain Marvel’s photon blasts. His Air Cannon has successfully diverged Endeavor’s Hellflame in the past, and while the two abilities don’t have the same nature, they are both very powerful.
More importantly, All for One — in Shigaraki’s body — has been shown using a new Quirk, Reflect, during his battle with Deku. This allows him to completely redirect one of Deku’s smashes, severely injuring him. He would likely be able to do the same with Carol. While Carol would probably absorb her own power if it were directed at her, All for One’s skill would deprive her of many of her weapons.
When she is at her most powerful, Captain Marvel enters Binary Mode. In this form, she channels the full extent of her cosmic abilities, greatly enhancing all her other powers. Her strength and durability are incalculable, and she is almost invulnerable. Using her Binary form, Carol destroys Thanos’ ship, Sanctuary II, during the battle in Avengers: Endgame. She also resists a headbutt from Thanos, shrugging it off like it is nothing.
Being a specialist tends to be better than being a jack of all trades, but All for One is the exception to that rule. He has a wide variety of Quirks that don’t require too much effort to master. This gives him a very versatile fighting style, one many opponents would be unprepared for.
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Carol may be no different, and even in her Binary mode, All for One could take her by surprise. Additionally, in What If…?, Captain Marvel attempts to destroy Infinity Ultron by shoving him into the core of Xandar, but he kills her using the Infinity Gauntlet. It seems unlikely that All for One would be able to muster that kind of power, but it’s notable that Carol’s invulnerability isn’t absolute.
Even before she became a superhero, Carol Danvers was a soldier. She’s been training ever since her childhood and her determination to persevere in a world that considered her inferior just because of her gender is just as notable as her powers. She’s a highly skilled pilot and engineer, but also an expert combatant. While working for the Kree, Captain Marvel has participated in countless missions, and her experience has served her well throughout all her battles.
The biggest advantage All for One has over Carol is his intellect. His Quirk arsenal may be what defines him, but it is his tactical mind that truly makes him so dangerous. As the enemy of All Might, he tracks down Nana Shimura’s grandchild, turning him into Tomura Shigaraki and later using him against the Symbol of Peace.
Carol isn’t easy to intimidate or manipulate, but the Kree were able to fool her for many years. She may not have the same problem while she’s not struggling with amnesia, but everyone has a vulnerability. If All for One were Captain Marvel’s enemy, he would start their battle long before they ever had to face each other in combat. He would detect all her human weaknesses and strike them down, making her much easier to beat.
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