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Marvel has an enormous range of characters, epic battles, and continuing storylines. All this keeps us glued to it. Mostly the characters are after the Infinity Stones. If you’re a Marvel fan, you’d know how important Infinity Stones are. They are mainly six. However, there’s one more Infinity Stone that’s forgotten and Marvel won’t bring it back! These stones have formed the basis of Marvel, both comics and movies. However, Marvel is sure to not bring back the Seventh Infinity Stone! What’s that? Check it out:
The Six Infinity Stones personify- Time, Space, Mind, Power, Reality, and Soul. These represent the fundamental powers of the universe. Not just in the Marvel Universe, but also ours. Don’t you think? These are the basic elements of life! They’ve been responsible for most of the battles, misery, and destruction in Marvel. Possessing just one of the stones grants the user immense power. So think if the user gets all six of them. S/he’d be God! But, there’s one more Infinity Stone that isn’t talked about. Neither Marvel will get it back, ever. What’s that?
Malibu ComicsMalibu Comics
Malibu Comics was an American comic book publisher founded in 1986. It was best known for its Ultraverse line of Superheroes titles. When they launched the Ultraverse line, it proved popular among the fans. The notable titles under the line include The Men In Black, Ultraforce, Night Man, and Exiles. However, the sales started dwindling. Eventually, in 1994, Marvel Comics bought Malibu Comics, resulting in Ultraverse being a part of the larger universe. Ultimately, crossovers were obvious to happen.
Soon Ultraverse began diminishing. So, Marvel thought of rebooting it. How? They introduced the EGO STONE, the lost Infinity Stone. The Infinity Stones were created when Nemesis, a god-like being was split apart. We know about the six Infinity Stones. However, a seventh one was created out of Nemesis’ consciousness. This ultimately found its way to the Ultraverse. After that, others also started entering the Ultraverse and the Ego Stone sought a way to unite them.
This enabled more and more heroes and villains to enter the Ultraverse. Amongst them are The Black Knight and Sersi. Sersi managed to attain the Ego Stone and soon it started to unite the rest of them. This sort of brought back Nemesis to life. However, the seven stones couldn’t work together in peace and harmony. This gave the heroes an edge to defeat Nemesis. Therefore, Ego Stone was destroyed. Its power was divided among the other six.
This act rebooted the entire Ultraverse. However, it couldn’t be saved in the real world. Therefore, the line was completely gone within two years. Since the Ego Stone is directly linked to Ultraverse and there are legal difficulties to bring it back, it’s most unlikely you’ll ever see it again! Ego Stone overrides the consciousness of the user. This is the most fascinating stone out of the lot, but due to legal reasons, we would never get to see it in Marvel, ever again.
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