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October 19, 2021

Long ago, when adaptations on the big screen were not common as they are today, Marvel He granted the rights of part of his characters to various studios and over time was recovering most of them, but to this day he cannot have others among his ranks. As we know, Disney It is the company behind the Cinematic Universe of the franchise, but it does not own all of them.
Spider-Man and Venom are the most resonant examples for fans, since both are owned by Sony Pictures and thanks to business agreements they can be part of the famous MCU which is the rage in the world. Nevertheless, There are other figures that you have already seen in the cinema or that are about to release series on the Disney + platform that are not from the Mickey Mouse company. Who are they?
In case you did not know, the green giant is not owned by Disney and is part of the MCU thanks to one of the agreements that the company has. In this case, Universal Pictures is the co-owner of Hulk, and it is for this reason that there was no reboot of his after 2008.
The last known villain so far of Peter Parker in the MCU and who revealed his identity, something that will have consequences in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Like his nemesis, Mysterio is owned by Sony Pictures.
Jennifer Walters in the comics is the biggest and greenest lawyer ever, aside from having green skin and super strength. Like its cousin, Bruce Banner, Universal owns its rights, although they reached an agreement with Disney to have its own series in 2022.
If this character seems unknown to you, you should know that Kevin Feige himself has stated on one occasion that he could appear and there are even rumors of a possible participation in Eternals. However, his rights are Universal and Marvel said that the property is not as clean as others.
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