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Many people might assume that the Hulk cannot be defeated but there are some characters that he always loses to when he fights them.
The Incredible Hulk is commonly known as the Strongest There Is across the Marvel Universe. He was a founding member of the Avengers and the Defenders, has been a member of the Fantastic Four, and he even spent some time with the Illuminati (who he ironically had waged war against a couple of years prior).
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Hulk has no true strength ceiling, as anger makes him stronger. He has a regenerative healing factor and has been in punchouts with multiple gods. Despite that, there are still some enemies that even the Hulk has been unable to conquer. Even the Jade Giant has his limits.
In the dystopian future Old Man Logan originates¬†from, an abhorrent future iteration of the Hulk forces She-Hulk to sire an entire clan of Hulk offspring. This cannibal Hulk Clan killed Old Man Logan’s family, prompting Logan to take revenge against the Hulk.
While the Hulk has taken out Wolverine countless times in the past, Old Man Logan was able to take out this version of the Hulk with relative ease. Hulk decided to eat Old Man Logan, who, in turn, tore apart Hulk’s organs and burst out of the creature’s back, killing him.
Hulk has only had a handful of battles against Hyperion, who hails from a different universe from Earth-616 (the mainstream Marvel Universe). Hyperion and Hulk were both on the Avengers at the same time, and the two were pitted against one another in a couple of instances.
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The first fight found Hyperion beating Hulk back into his Bruce Banner form. Their most recent fight during Heroes Reborn #2 by Jason Aaron, Dale Keown, and Ed McGuinness found a new Hyperion fighting the Hulk. This fight involved Hyperion killing Hulk multiple times until he stopped getting up again.
The Silver Surfer and the Hulk have fought several times. The Sentinel of the Spaceways has won every fight that didn’t end in one of them just leaving.
There is one exception, and that is on Sakaar when Norrin Radd was controlled by a mind-controlling Obedience Disk. This item hindered the Silver Surfer, and he fought against the Hulk and his entire Warbound. The fight ended with Hulk and the Warbound beating the “Silver Savage” and destroying his Obedience Disk.
Hulk has had only one major encounter with Carnage, and this was during Absolute Carnage by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman. In fairness to the Hulk, he was controlled by the Venom symbiote during this fight, and Carnage was possessed by one of Knull’s Grendel symbiotes and stronger than ever.
The resulting fight ended with Dark Carnage easily beating the Venom-possessed Hulk and assimilating the Venom symbiote into himself.
The Hulk and the Ghost Rider have had a surprisingly small amount of showdowns considering the popularity both have had at Marvel. Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett saw the Hulk fighting Robbie Reyes’ incarnation of Ghost Rider on a couple of occasions and winning both easily.
However, Ghost Rider #12-13 by Daniel Way and Javier Salteres found Ghost Rider in a showdown with the Hulk during the World War Hulk event. Johnny Blaze was the Ghost Rider at the time, and he had a lengthy and brutal battle against the Hulk. Neither side won. The Zarathos entity inside of Ghost Rider took over for Blaze and judged Hulk innocent in this event and abandoned the fight with no clear winner. However, this still seems like a loss for the Hulk, as he was unable to put a stop to the Ghost Rider or Zarathos, and Zarathos had to decide independently to leave Hulk alone.
Hulk did manage to defeat the Red Hulk during the Intelligencia’s attempt to take over the United States government during the World War Hulks event. Hulk later depowered the Red Hulk with the help of Deadpool, an event that followed another defeat of the Hulk at the hands of Red Hulk.
However, this was only after several battles between Hulk and Red Hulk that found the latter absolutely embarrassing the Jade Giant. Red Hulk has won (almost) every battle against the Green Hulk, and this is likely because Red Hulk is powered by cosmic energy, which is the antithesis to the gamma radiation that powers the Hulk.
In the Sentry’s history, he and the Hulk are close friends. Bob Reynolds saw Bruce Banner as a kindred spirit, and this led to a close friendship between these two incredibly powerful heroes.
It’s implied that the Void personality of the Sentry had defeated the Hulk in some years before. During World War Hulk by Greg Pak and John Romita Jr., the Sentry was the last line of defense against the Hulk. While it is true that they fought to a stalemate, this ultimately led to the Hulk’s defeat, as it allowed an orbital satellite weapon to depower both the Hulk and the Sentry, effectively ending World War Hulk.
Hulk has faced Thanos a few times as well, and this has also ended with a defeat for the Hulk. The two most significant instances occurred during Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin and George Perez and Infinity by Jonathan Hickman, Jim Cheung, and Dustin Weaver.
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The first instance found Thanos defeating Hulk with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. The second fight had Proxima Midnight of Thanos’ Black Order using her spear to revert Hulk back to his Bruce Banner form, taking him out of the fight.
The Hulk would, obviously, beat Captain America in a direct one-on-one fight. It wouldn’t be much of a fight, as Captain America’s fighting skill and enhanced strength (when he has it) are no match for the limitless strength of the Hulk.
However, there have been multiple instances in which Steve Rogers has been able to calm down the Hulk, getting him to think clearly and revert to Bruce Banner. The Hulk is cogent enough to not want to beat Cap to death, and Steve Rogers is compassionate enough to get the Hulk to cool down and stop his rampages.
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