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Mutants come in all shapes sizes and even the ones with the most useful powers aren’t always the most human looking mutants.
The X-Men are Marvel‘s premiere mutant team, consisting of the most respected mutants on the planet. For the most part, the X-Men have made members of the most powerful and photogenic mutants, which makes a lot of sense, when a team is battling the most dangerous villains around, they need the mutants who can do the most impressive things.
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However, mutants come in all shapes sizes and even the ones with the most useful powers aren’t always the most human-looking mutants. The X-Men have had members of all kinds over the years and some of them have been way stranger than others.
Husk is a Guthrie, a member of a family of powerful mutants. She’s a shapeshifter, which isn’t really that bizarre, until one thinks about her name and how her powers work. She can transform into anything, even energy forms, but she does it by ripping her skin off to reveal her next form.
So, while she looks pretty normal on the surface, Husk’s powers are just kind of strange. Every time she uses her powers, she leaves a husk of skin or whatever she’s turned into behind her, a disturbing by-product.
Chamber is a telepath, having started his career as a hero with the young mutant team Generation X. Telepaths are pretty common among the X-Men but Chamber is a bit different. His body is a cauldron of psionic energy and when his powers manifested that energy exploded outward, destroying half of his face and part of his chest.
His lower face and chest are just a roiling mass of energy. He uses his powers to communicate and fire blasts of psionic energy, making him useful in a fight. That doesn’t change that there’s something quite disconcerting about him.
When one thinks of stretchy heroes, they think of someone like Mister Fantastic, whose body is elastic. Skin has a similar power but the mechanism of it is very different. When his mutant powers manifested, Skin’s gained an extra six feet of skin, which allowed him to stretch his skin and make himself bigger.
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It’s definitely a different way for stretchy powers to work but it’s also just kind of weird in general. On top of that, he turned grey when his powers manifested.
No-Girl was introduced in Grant Morrison’s seminal New X-Men run and her story is one of the most tragic in the X-Men’s history. Martha Johansson’s telepathic powers manifested and she was kidnapped by John Sublime’s U-Men. The group dissected her, removing her brain from her body and controlling it with drugs, using her powers on other mutants so they could dissect them as well.
Freed by the X-Men, she’s joined Xorn’s special class and has been a member of various young mutant training teams, as a floating brain in a jar.
Marrow’s mutant power caused her skeletal structure to grow uncontrollably, deforming her and forcing her underground with the mutants known as Morlocks. Eventually becoming an anti-human terrorist, she would fight the X-Men and lose a fight to the death with Storm, who ripped out her heart. She was able to survive because of her second heart, biding her time until she planned out her next move.
Her powers allowed her to remove her extra bones and use them as weapons, usually taking the form of blunt or edged bones. She’d join the X-Men, learning self-control before leaving the team and being experimented on by Weapon X.
Xorn and his brother have been the victim of retcons for their entire existence. Originally just a mask Magneto wore, it would be revealed that the outlandish story of the man with the star for a brain was not only true but there were two of them. The Xorn twins, Shen and Kuan-Yin,  have powers that are quite similar, except that Shen has a star for a brain and Kuan-Yin has a black hole.
Kuan-Yin would pose as Magneto and was the evil twin and Shen was the good one. Shen ended up joining the X-Men for a time and then disappeared, although he’s recently shown up again on Krakoa, hanging out with his resurrected brother and Legion.
Glob Herman is another mutant that debuted during Morrison’s New X-Men and his unique look set him apart from other mutants immediately. His skin is made of a bio-paraffin wax, allowing him to take more heavy damage than most because of his gelatinous nature. The wax is highly flammable, which he’s used to his advantage by setting himself on fire for extra oomph.
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Glob’s massive, see-through body shows off his skeleton and organs. It gives him a monstrous appearance but he’s one of the nicest young X-Men around, barring that one time he joined with Kid Omega in a riot at Xavier’s.
Maggot has gone down as one of the worst X-Men of the ’90s but he’s better than he gets credit for. A South African mutant, Maggot’s power took a bizarre turn. His digestive system became two maggots which he would release from his body. They could eat through just about anything and when they returned to him, they would transfer nutrients to him, giving him superhuman strength.
His powers were pretty interesting, giving the whole thing a body horror aspect that was pretty new. However, the whole thing was also just rather odd and he was made all the weirder because of the South African slang he used that readers at the time had little context for.
Eyeboy is a great but disturbing visual. His body is covered in eyes, giving him three hundred sixty-degree vision. That’s just the beginning, though, as he can see all along the visual spectrum and beyond, even able to see magic. While his powers aren’t very useful for field ops, they’ve proven key to the new mission of Krakoa’s X-Factor.
Eyeboy’s greatness comes from the way he looks, how his powers work, and who he is as a person. His weirdness mostly comes from how he looks but not who he is and his powers have proven to be a lot more useful as he’s developed them.
Chickens are one of the most common birds on the planet but having the powers of one isn’t exactly a thing that anyone would want. Beak’s mutation made him into a human-sized chicken. This allowed him to fly and that’s really about it but Beak didn’t let that stop him, as he worked hard to become as good an X-Man as he could.
People are used to bird-themed superheroes but a chicken was a first. Beak made the best of it, even getting the girl despite looking like a plucked chicken. He’s become a fan favorite and he’s easily one of the strangest mutants of them all.
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