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Have you ever wondered exactly how Alfred Pennyworth became the trusted butler to Gotham’s richest and most influential family? DC’s “Pennyworth” is the story of Bruce Wayne’s famed servant as a young man. 
The show is executive produced by Bruno Heller, who’s known for “The Mentalist” and “Gotham,” and Danny Cannon, who’s known for “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the characters involved in “Pennyworth” and the actors who bring them to life. 
“Pennyworth” is set in England in an alternate dimension in which the Nazis have won WWII. Alfred is a former Special Air Services (SAS) soldier in his 20s looking to make a name for himself by starting a security company. He’s eventually hired to run security for Thomas Wayne (Batman’s future dad). 
Thomas Wayne, along with Martha Kane (Batman’s future mom) are members of a group called the No Name League. The No Name League is fighting for control of the British government with a fascist group called the Raven Society. As protection for Thomas Wayne, Pennyworth becomes involved in the battle between the two entities. 
DC’s “Pennyworth” TV show is developed from a reimagining of iconic characters created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. The duo created the Batman comic series that premiered in 1939. Thomas Wayne is a famous surgeon and humanitarian in Gotham. His wife, Martha Wayne, born Martha Kane, is an heiress to a giant chemical company. 
Alfred Pennyworth, the couple’s loyal butler, is a central part of the Batman comics. When Thomas and Martha are murdered, Alfred takes care of their son, Bruce, and helps him manage the vast wealth left by his parents. After Bruce becomes Batman, Alfred takes care of the Batcave and helps operate many of Batman’s vehicles and machines. 
Bill Finger was working as a shoe salesman when he was hired to write for a few of Kane’s comics (such as “Rusty” and “Clip Carson”). Kane and Finger worked together to design and flesh out all the unique characters in Batman, like Cat Woman, Robin, the Penguin, the Joker, and Alfred Pennyworth. 
When Kane sold the Batman property to DC comics, he received all the credit for creating the character. It wasn’t until 2015 that Finger was posthumously given credit for his role in creating Batman in subsequent films, comics, and games. 
The main characters of “Pennyworth” include: 
The villains of “Pennyworth” include:
The first and second seasons of “Pennyworth” can be seen on Epix. However, the TV series is rumored to be switching to the streaming platform HBO Max for its next season. The third season currently doesn’t have a release date. 
“Pennyworth” provides an intriguing origin story for one of DC’s most famous unsung heroes.
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