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Agatha Harkness tried to steal the Scarlet Witch’s power in WandaVision, but what are the witchiest acts she’s committed in Marvel Comics?
Agatha Harkness was the breakout star of WandaVision, so it makes sense that she’ll be getting her own Disney+ streaming series in the near future. There are a lot of comic book stories for the MCU to draw on with Agatha, but some of her witchiest moments in Marvel Comics might be a little too much for TV.
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Agatha Harkness is traditionally an ally and friend in the comics of both the Scarlet Witch and the Fantastic Four, but she’s done some things over the years that are shocking, to say the least. Some of her witchiest moments have been for the good of the world, and maybe even her friends, but others walk the line between right and wrong.
Agatha Harkness is one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful magicians, so it would make sense she’d be opposed to something like the Salem Witch Trials. But that wasn’t the case at all. In Nova #6, Agatha is cast back in time alongside the mutant Firestar to Salem during the era of the trials. To Firestar’s shock, Agatha is ok with the trials.
Her justification for supporting them is that the Salem Witch Trials will weed out weak witches and leave only strong ones, a mentality that wouldn’t be out of character for the MCU Agatha, who destroyed her coven. Nevertheless, it’s a shocking moment that casts the usually noble witch in a completely different light.
A witchy moment with some potential for the MCU is when Agatha Harkness revealed that she essentially had Peggy Carter spy on Captain America during World War II. In Captain America #19, Agatha’s established connection to the Daughters of Liberty, a group of women going back to the Revolutionary War, takes on new and unexpected context.
Agatha reveals that the Daughters of Liberty had been established to protect America and humanity and one of their assignments during World War II was to monitor the development of the Super Soldier serum. Peggy Carter was given the task of monitoring the project. This reveal could be too much for the Steve/Peggy relationship in the MCU, but a Peggy and Agatha connection is intriguing.
Agatha Harkness debuted in Fantastic Four #94 in 1969, and from the beginning, established herself as a powerful witch. A witchy moment from that first appearance is when she turned the Sandman, one of the most powerful members of the Sinister Six, into solid rock. At the time, he was part of the Frightful Four on the hunt for the Fantastic Four.
The Frightful Four infiltrated Agatha’s house and dismissed the elderly woman as a threat. They paid for it, and the Sandman especially, as Agatha showed the first glimpse of her mean streak by making a statue of the classic Spider-Man villain.
Defeating Ultron is a good thing, as recent episodes of What If..? have shown, but the way Agatha Harkness did it in Fantastic Four #150 was maybe not the best. Franklin Richards, the son of the Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic, was in a coma at the time but Agatha took him from his bed to use his extraordinary powers to destroy Ultron.
She had the magical foresight to see Franklin would destroy Ultron-7, one of the most powerful Ultron variants in the comics, and that Franklin would come out of his coma, but it was still using the child against his will.
Another witchy moment with Agatha also involved Franklin Richards. In Fantastic Four Annual #14, Agatha harnesses the reality-warping powers of Franklin to alter the memories of the entire world. This comes after she and the Fantastic Four were attacked by the Salem Seven, led by her son, Nicholas Scratch.
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Agatha’s tendency to use Franklin to amplify her already considerable power is less than ideal, and her willingness to manipulate the entire world might not be out of character for her in the MCU but is nonetheless shocking.
The Salem Seven proved to be one of Agatha’s most challenging adversaries. The group, led by her son, burned Agatha at the stake for her perceived violation of their magical ethos. But in a move that might prove too much for the MCU, Agatha resurrected herself from the dead. It was an extraordinary power move and one that might make her too strong for live-action.
Agatha persisted in an astral form, appearing to the Scarlet Witch as a ghost. She guided Wanda in taking out the Salem Seven and absorbing all of their magical power, which ultimately contributed to her conceiving her twin children with The Vision.
As with most major Marvel Universe characters, Agatha Harkness has a counterpart in the Earth-1610 universe of Ultimate Comics. This version of the powerful witch was responsible for the sinking and destruction of Atlantis. So much death and destruction might be too much for the character in the MCU, but there is at least the possibility of a connection.
There was a hint in the MCU that Agatha’s mother and coven perhaps hail from Atlantis, given the nature of their power. Her mother could even be Zhered-Na, one of the most powerful versions of the Sorcerer Supreme, and connected somehow to the fall of Atlantis.
Nicholas Scratch had it coming, but the fact that Agatha Harkness stripped her own son of his magical powers was a powerful moment that showed the lengths she’s willing to go to. Scratch led several attacks against Agatha and the world at large as the head of the Salem Seven, but after undoing all of his mystical destruction, she had enough.
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In Fantastic Four #222-223, Scratch took control of the minds of the FF and led the Salem Seven on a mission to conqueror the world. Agatha not only stripped him of his powers, but she also banished him to the Dark Dimension, home of the powerful Doctor Strange villain Dormammu.
From her first appearance in the comics, Agatha Harkness was always seen with her familiar, Ebony the cat. Ebony helped Agatha against numerous villains including the Frightful Four, but in one of the most shocking moments in Agatha’s story, she sacrificed Ebony to gain more power.
Agatha revealed in The Vision #6 that she had killed her beloved pet to gain greater magical power and precognition in a ritual sacrifice. It’s hard to imagine this moment on-screen even with the things she’s done in the MCU.
Agatha’s most witchy moment and arguably her most egregious act was to make the Scarlet Witch forget her children. After Wanda learned her sons weren’t real but fragments of Mephisto’s soul, Agatha cast a spell to make Wanda forget. While the intent is honorable, the consequences were catastrophic.
When Wanda eventually learned the truth, her grief led her to a dark place. Not only did she kill Agatha Harkness in retaliation, but she also ultimately erased most mutants from existence in House Of M after her false reality with her children was disrupted.
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