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The upcoming Eternals movie’s seeming reliance on a 7,000-year-old backstory means Phase 4 could introduce one MCU character Odin’s power level.
The MCU is well placed to introduce a character as strong as Odin in their latest Phase 4 installment, Eternals. Despite its infancy, the MCU’s Phase 4 seems dead-set on power-creeping the franchise’s surviving characters, with planned entities such as Gorr the God Butcher in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder a perfect example of introducing fresh threats to rival Marvel’s most powerful superheroes. The upcoming Eternals is no exception to this plan, with the Phase 4 film set to introduce the Eternals and the Deviants, two sets of near-immortal characters destined to battle for supremacy on Earth.
Genetically engineered by the omnipotent Celestials, the Eternals at their base level are aliens created to resemble the humans they are destined to protect. Originally sent to Earth to fight against the evil Deviants some 7,000 years ago, the Eternals have since lain dormant but are now once again forced to step into the light following the ignition of a new phase 4 apocalypse known only as “the Emergence.” Hailing from their dimensional nexus of Olympia, the Eternals bear close physiological ties to the Olympian gods of Greek mythology, cementing the idea within Marvel comics canon that they are as powerful as their god-like counterparts.
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In this way, the MCU’s Phase 4 can introduce Zuras, the Eternals’ original leader and a character as powerful as the Thor films’ deity Odin. As the founder of Olympia, Zuras’ inclusion as the most powerful Eternal seems a foregone conclusion, with an appearance in the film looking increasingly likely via the Eternals’ origin story. Adding Zuras to the MCU’s Phase 4 would also grant Eternals a civilization leader on par with a character like Odin, with several clear parallels already existing between these two great mythological kings.
Zuras is essentially the lynchpin around which the entire Eternals backstory and origins are built upon, meaning canonically, his inclusion in the MCU’s Eternals makes perfect sense. Following his ascension to leadership, Zuras directed the construction of the new principal city of the Eternals, Olympia, in a mountainous region in Greece said to exist in parallel to the fabled kingdom of Olympus. Zuras’ dealings with the Olympians and the ancient Greek population ensured many human beings came to think of the Eternals not as representatives of the Olympian gods but as the gods themselves. This backstory fits perfectly with the initial Eternals previews, which look committed to exploring how the Eternals arrived and thrived on Earth in the years preceding “the Emergence.”
Zuras’ creation of Olympia is on par with some of the MCU’s most powerful heroes and entities to date, drawing particularly close parallels with another god-like figure: Odin. Odin’s creation of the nine realms, including the idyllic Asgard, places his potency on a similar level to that of Zuras, who is also accredited with the creation of paradise. Just as Odin passes into an ethereal realm at the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok to save the Asgardians, so too does Zuras, whose transference of consciousness into the Eternals’ Uni-Mind allows them to defeat the Deviants at the cost of his death. In this way, introducing Zuras as the Eternals‘ answer to Odin allows the MCU’s Eternals to immediately establish a rich history for otherwise new and unknown MCU characters while also unveiling a fascinating character that canonically rivals pre-established MCU gods.
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