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There are some truly powerful mutants in the X-Men universe with frightening abilities. What’s scarier is that some of them are secretive and unknown.
The mutant population of the Marvel universe has ebbed and grown many times over the years since the X-Men first appeared in 1964. With so many mutants to keep track of, some of them don’t get the same amount of attention as their more popular teammates, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.
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In fact, some of the most powerful mutants are the lesser-known ones. Whether they faded into the background when their story ended, or they only appeared once or twice to begin with, these powerhouse mutants could be a threat or an asset to the X-Men.
Recruited by Wolverine and Fantomex during Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run, Dust can transform herself into a cloud of dust, simulating a sandstorm. She can be exacting with how the storm hits, even going into an enemy’s lungs.
Sooraya survived the events of M-Day with her powers intact, and she has been present, if not front and center for many big events in the X-Men books. She’s yet to explore the full extent of her abilities though, and there’s no telling how powerful she could become, as long as she stays dry. Water and her powers don’t mix.
While Professor X’s troubled son did have his own series, Legion, for three seasons, he’s never reached the popularity—or infamy—of his father. David’s powers manifest attached to different personalities—hence his codename, Legion—and, theoretically, he could manifest any power that he could imagine, since both the personalities and the powers are the result of low-level reality warping.
His personalities’ combined power makes Legion one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. Unfortunately, the mental health effects of his abilities and the conflicts between some of those personas have kept Legion in the background.
Bennet du Paris was a crusader who was tested and found worthy in the 12th century, making him one of the earlier mutants to manifest abilities on earth. Whether the “test” was just enough trauma to trigger his powers or if Apocalypse triggered the change some other way is unknown.
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He was cursed by Apocalypse and put into a coma for centuries. Eventually, he was released by Magneto. He’s been an Acolyte, a member of the Quiet Council of Krakoa, and a fanatical protector of mutantkind. It’s unclear how much of his telepathic and telekinetic power is from his origins with Apocalypse, but he is an omega-level threat.
When her abilities manifested, Idie’s village burned to the ground and her family was killed. She was one of the Lights, a mutant that manifested powers post-M-Day. The Lights were able to sense each other and Hope Summers and when the last one manifested, they could all feel it.
Idie has been in the background on Utopia and Krakoa since her initial introduction, but her ability to manipulate temperature to extreme heat or cold makes her a strong ally for the young X-Men.
When his cosmic level powers manifested, Brian Morrison levels city blocks in his hometown. He was so powered up, that he leveled Rachel Summers when she tried to calm him telepathically. Kitty Pryde talked him down, and his powers receded. Unfortunately, one of the townspeople shot him when he was powered down and fear of his abilities caused medical teams to refuse to treat him.
Eventually, he was saved, but the guilt of what had happened was something he would have to work through. He’s only shown up in two issues though, so there’s no telling if he got the help dealing with the trauma or not.
After losing his wife and his home in the Skrull Invasion during Secret Invasion, Matthew Malloy’s mutant powers manifested violently, killing his sister-in-law in the process. It turned out, Matthew’s power levels were so high that when Cerebro picked him up in his teens, Professor X blocked his powers so that he wouldn’t be a threat. And a threat he was.
His uncontrolled powers killed several X-Men when he was attacked by SHIELD, but his limitless abilities let him resurrect those people. He then killed Emma Frost when she confronted him about it. Eventually Tempus—a time-traveling mutant—went back and helped Professor X make sure Matthew never existed.
Absolon Mercator has the ability to manipulate matter and energy at the subatomic level. Basically, Mister M can do anything he puts his mind to. He’s done everything from surviving a bullet to the head, turning a bully inside out, fixing toasters and other small items for cash, and naming a province in Otherworld after himself.
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Absolon has been invited by Magneto to take part in the terraforming of Mars for mutantkind, but so far seems to want nothing to do with it.
The son of mutant researcher Moira MacTaggert, Kevin’s abilities are extreme, to say the least. His reality warping abilities burn out his flesh body, meaning he needs a host body to inhabit. He’s possessed several of his fellow mutants, the child of an AIM scientist and clones of Professor X over the years.
He has reshaped entire cities to his will—specifically Edinburgh, Scotland—and it’s unclear if he can actually die. In recent years, he’s been part of the Five, a group of mutants who can combine their abilities to resurrect long-dead mutants. He was featured in an episode of X-Men: The Animated Series in the 90s as well.
Left for dead at least twice in his early life, Gabriel Summers, like his brothers Scott and Alex, is an omega-level mutant. He was erased from his brother’s memory after his apparent death. When he was awakened after M-Day, Gabriel came back with a vengeance, fighting the X-Men before leaving Earth to get revenge on the Shi’ar for the death of his mother.
He’s ruled empires, started galactic wars, and drowned his true self in margaritas. But when he was challenged during Empyre, that true self killed an outpost full of soldiers, leaving one alive and deeply traumatized.
Not only is Jamie Braddock, the older brother of Captain Britain and Psylocke, an omega-level reality warper, but he’s repeatedly been shown to have magical powers as well. He has regularly come up against his siblings and the Captain Britain Corps; an interdimensional force that protects the multiverse. He has added to the multiverse by splitting the timelines to his advantage.
He’s also turned Dr. Crocodile into a crocodile, and he’s rewritten the reality around his family’s estate. With his impulsive and unbalanced personality, his powers are a threat, not just to the Earth he was born on, but all Earths in every dimension.
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