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The queens that have appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race have a variety of personalities and looks, some of which call to mind certain Disney characters.
RuPaul’s Drag Race has become one of the greatest reality competitions on TV, bringing the art of drag into mainstream culture and entertainment. With their singing and dancing talents and their bold and unique personalities, it seems really easy to imagine some of the Drag Race queens in Disney movies.
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Some of these queens would suit a Disney princess whereas other queens would rather be a wicked Disney villain. Furthermore, there are a few queens who have the humor and energy better suited to a Disney sidekick.
Heidi N Closet is currently the youngest Drag Race queen to win the title of Miss Congeniality, and it’s no wonder why. She wasn’t the most experienced out of season 12’s queens, but her sweet personality and humor easily won over her fellow contestants, judges and viewers.
Snow White, the first-ever Disney princess, also won the hearts of everyone she met with her kind and sweet nature, which makes her a perfect fit for Heidi. Furthermore, everyone was heartbroken when Heidi had to sashay away, just as the dwarfs were heartbroken to find Snow White in a deep sleep.
Winner of season 4, Sharon Needles is the original Drag Race spooky queen. Although she demonstrated a variety of looks on the runway, it was her gothic and macabre looks for which she is best remembered. It’s fitting that Sharon’s Disney counterpart is the original spooky Mistress of All Evil herself, Maleficent.
Maleficent made a grand entrance to Aurora’s party in her finest gothic attire, much like Sharon Needles turned heads of the other queens coming into the Werk Room dressed as a witch. Although they made their audiences wary at first glance, both Maleficent and Sharon proved they were forces to be reckoned with. The only difference is that Sharon won and wasn’t killed by a prince.
Nina West was the winner of Miss Congeniality in season 11 and has become one of the most successful and beloved queens post-Drag Race. She has released numerous singles and is a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, as most recently demonstrated by singing in Nickelodeon’s animated Pride parade.
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Given Nina’s bubbly personality and excellent sense of humor, the perfect Disney counterpart for her would be the Genie from AladdinLike Nina, the Genie is theatrical, hilarious and has a big heart of gold. Genie is not the main character of his movie just like Nina isn’t the winner of her season, but they both stole the spotlight and everyone’s hearts.
As a singer and dancer full of pep and determination, season 12 queen Jan could easily fit into the world of Disney as a princess or heroine, and the Disney Princess who perhaps fits her best is Ariel.
Both Ariel and Jan are very accomplished singers who are full of optimism and dreams. Neither of them will let anything get in the way of what they most desire, whether it’s to win the crown or walk on land. Whether Jan would give up her talent for the love of someone she hasn’t met is another question.
Season 3 winner Raja demonstrated a number of skills such as comedy and acting during her time on Drag Race, but her most notable talents were found in her runway looks. With each one flawlessly executed and unique, it’s little wonder Raja is a queen who could win Project Runway.
Like Raja, Edna Mode is an extremely talented seamstress and fashion designer who thinks outside the box. She goes for bold and striking whilst keeping the wearer in mind. Not only are Raja and Edna great counterparts but they would make an excellent fashion design team.
Kenya Michaels appeared in season 4 of Drag Race and was most remembered for her high-energy performances in whatever she did. Although eliminated after a terrible Snatch Game performance, she returned later in the show to be given a second chance.
Tigger is always full of bouncing energy and would be a fitting choice to be Kenya’s Disney counterpart. The most notable example was during the wrestling challenge where Kenya was bouncing all around the ring and did not seem to tire, very much like Tigger. It was a brilliant performance and it easily helped secure her and teammate Latrice Royale entry to the next round.
The winner of season 11 was Yvie Oddly, who won over viewers and the judges with her honesty, quirky nature, and brilliant skills in fashion and comedy. True to her name, Yvie’s aesthetics were unusual and bold, yet they were always eyecatching and unforgettable.
For her Disney counterpart, Yvie seems perfectly matched to Dr. Facilier, perhaps the most underrated Disney villain yet. They are both very charismatic with a touch of the unusual and spooky, not to mention they both use bold colors (Yvie in her looks, Facilier in his magic.) They also both know how to put on a really good show.
Underdog Shangela has become something of a Drag Race legend. First appearing in season 2, the then-inexperienced Shangela was invited back for season 3, where she made it all the way to fifth place, followed by an even more successful appearance in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.
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Shangela is reminiscent of Simba because of the amount of growth she has shown throughout her time on the show. In season 2, Shangela was inexperienced but determined to get the crown, just like young Simba couldn’t wait to be king. But by All Stars 3, Shangela has become a seasoned queen who may not have a crown but, like adult Simba, learned and grew so much and earned a spot in Drag Race royalty.
Los Angeles Drag Race queen Vanessa “Vanjie” Mateo made herself a Drag Race legend from just the first episode of season 10. Her “sashay away” moment has RuPaul in stitches and became so iconic that she was invited back for the following season.
As they are both fast-talkers who make a bold impact with their actions, Vanessa and Mushu are well suited as counterparts. Furthermore, both are side-splittingly funny, know how to make an entrance, and have extremely memorable quotes and scenes to their names.
BenDeLaCreme proved herself to be a very strong queen not just during season 6 but also on All Stars 3. During the latter, she won five out of six maxi-challenges, an All Stars record, but it was her shock self-elimination that viewers remember the most.
Ben’s cute and retro-style aesthetics match very well with Disney star Minnie Mouse. Furthermore, they are both sweet and playful but they are not to be underestimated when they are angry. It’s also possible that Minnie can throw shade with her pal Daisy Duck, much like Ben could when called for.
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