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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 will feature the comic book character Adam Warlock, but how does the character factor into the film and the larger MCU?
Will Poulter’s debut as Adam Warlock will be a much-anticipated part of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but with the film only just beginning production, it’s unclear what part the space warrior will actually have to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel.
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Although the character was briefly mentioned at the conclusion of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he hasn’t yet actually been factored into the plot. The comics could provide some clues as to where his journey could lead him, but the MCU is also known for mixing up the status quo and taking their heroes in challenging new directions.
The finale of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 saw Ayesha the head of the Sovereign reveal their secret weapon. Simply calling him Adam, it appeared that Adam Warlock himself was in a golden cocoon ready to be unleashed into the universe.
This seems like the most likely way to pick up this narrative, with Warlock acting as a special enforcer for the Sovereign who are still trying to get their revenge on the Guardians themselves. Adam Warlock could therefore simply act as an antagonist for the majority of the movie, supporting Ayesha in her quest to become the big bad. His introduction will change the MCU in the future though.
It’s pretty common to see an enemy eventually become an ally and for the Guardians that’s essentially how they formed in the first place. Nebula also joined the group in the same way, with Mantis seemingly going from a potential threat to a harmless friend rather quickly.
Adam Warlock’s own path could be extremely similar. Although he may begin as an enemy of the team of misfits, Vol. 3 will probably conclude with Warlock joining forces with the Guardians and continuing to work alongside them in the future, much like he does in the source material.
The balance of the universe is likely completely changed now that the fallout of the Infinity War has begun. That can include the way in which the Multiverse itself is beginning to collapse, but also the impact of the absence of the important Infinity Stones.
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Adam Warlock is a being of great power and strength who is traditionally tied to the cosmos itself. With this fallout comes major consequences as Warlock may act as a force to ease the chaos that has been unleashed. It’s entirely possible that he will leave the Sovereign rather quickly in pursuit of galactic harmony.
In regards to the cosmos, Adam Warlock has sometimes been portrayed as a god. Indeed, the name Adam is drawn from some of Earth’s religions, representing the first man to ever be created. As the superior human, Warlock represents something almost biblical in his portrayal.
Comic book fans will know that Star-Lord has also been written as a deity, with the recent title actually suggesting Peter Quill is the lord of the sun. With links to Thor and other intergalactic pantheons within the Guardians franchise, it could be that Adam Warlock comes to form some kind of alliance between these incredible beings, which could even include the likes of the Celestials or Eternals.
The source material saw Adam kidnap Sif on a number of occasions because he believed her to be the perfect partner for him. This led to conflicts with Thor, who at one point found himself in a relationship with Sif, but above all considered her to be a close friend.
The Guardians of the Galaxy have a part to play in Thor: Love and Thunder and Thor and Sif might still have their own position in Vol. 3 of the Guardians franchise. It’s possible that a version of the story may actually play out on the screen that invokes the wrath of the God of Thunder.
Considering Adam Warlock is created as the greatest human, there’s certainly some ties to the mutants of the Marvel Universe. It’s almost as if the DNA used within Adam has been mutated to its most powerful formation, resulting in the strength and abilities that Warlock wields.
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In many ways, Adam Warlock could be a variation on Marvel’s first mutant. It would be an unexpected approach to bringing the Children of the Atom into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but one that ultimately fits with the tone of the film, especially when looking at the recent X-Men run in the comics and the way in which mutants have now taken to space.
Warlock’s connection to Ayesha, his supposed creator, may actually be a lot closer than audiences would have originally expected. In the comics Ayesha is actually a female iteration of Adam, often referred to simply as “Her” while Adam was titled “Him.”
The dynamic is already different because the two characters were not formed in quite the same way. Yet Ayesha may come to see Adam like a brother, perhaps the only other creature as perfect as herself. This position could lead to some interesting conflicts if Adam is to choose the Guardians over his supposed family.
In the comics, a being known as the High Evolutionary created what became known as Counter-Earth, a land quite similar to the Earth of 616, but with a few differences. It was supposed to be a perfect haven without crime and without superheroes.
That didn’t really work out though with beings of evil beginning to surface on this Counter-Earth. Adam Warlock had to become a hero and solve the issues that arose as Counter-Earth’s sole defender. Perhaps this narrative will filter into the film, with the Sovereign trying to create perfect planets that Adam feels he has a responsibility to defend.
The Marvel Multiverse is a complex structure full of infinite cosmic forces constantly at play. The absence of the Infinity Stones might be solved by new Infinity Gems, as they always have an important part to play in the fabric of reality itself.
Adam Warlock is so heavily linked to the Infinity Gauntlet and has been known to defeat Thanos for the prize in the past. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 could introduce these forces back into the MCU once more, but with Adam Warlock wielding them in a responsible manner or at the very least watching over them as he has done in the source material.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 seems to be an end of an era for the intergalactic team. Although Captain Marvel and S.W.O.R.D. are still hard at work trying to keep the peace out in space, there needs to be a new Guardian to usher in a prosperous era.
Adam Warlock has been responsible for the creation of various Guardians teams before, so it wouldn’t be unquestionable to see him lead a unique team of heroes on a new range of adventures. The future of the MCU may actually rely on the introduction of this omnipotent being.
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