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Love Life star Anna Kendrick explains how season 2 of HBO Max’s romantic comedy anthology could be similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Anna Kendrick explains how Love Life season 2 is like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Created by Sam Boyd, Love Life is a romantic comedy anthology that premiered on HBO Max in June 2020. Following a different protagonist in their quest for finding the right partner with each new installment, the series’ first season focused on Darby Carter (Kendrick). And, when it was announced that the show has been renewed for season 2, it was revealed that The Good Place star William Jackson Harper would take over as the main protagonist. It was noted, however, that Darby would still be a part of the anthology.
Arriving to HBO Max on October 28, with Keith David serving as narrator, Love Life season 2 will focus on Harper’s Marcus Watkins as he finds himself searching for a new romance. This comes as Marcus tries to move past the end of a years-long relationship with the woman he thought he would be with forever. The trailer for the romcom’s sophomore outing showed Marcus and Darby briefly crossing paths. In a new interview, Darby explained how that setup could allow the show to be something like a dramedy version of the MCU.
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Speaking with Deadline, along with Harper, Kendrick was asked if she’d like to do more with Love Life in the future. In her response, the Pitch Perfect star offers a hint of how the anthology’s second season will end. More broadly, she notes that the HBO Max series has a lot of characters that are worthy of further exploration and she specifically uses the MCU as a reference point. Kendrick’s quote is below.
“It’s funny because we’ve written ourselves into a corner where if there’s ever more interactions between Darby and Marcus it’ll have to be fully in the future which is always dicey. Frankly, in Love Life Season 1, we only went a couple of months into the future and then Covid hit. If we had written a year or more into the future, it wouldn’t have made sense. There’s clearly a danger with writing yourself into the future. I love the characters so much. I remember when we did the first Zoom table read and it was my first time seeing Jessica and Will together and their chemistry was explosive. I was so jealous! I was shooting a movie while they shot the season so I missed out. There are a lot of interesting characters from this season that could work great to expand on. It’s like a Marvel Universe for adult dramedy.”
The cast of Love Life season 2 is filled with talented, familiar faces. The cast includes Jessica Williams (The Daily Show), Punkie Johnson (Saturday Night Live), Chris “Comedian CP” Powell (Detroiters). And, as for guests, the anthology will feature Arian Moayed (Succession), Leslie Bibb (Jupiter’s Legacy), Maya Kazan (The Knick), Ego Nwodim (SNL), Blair Underwood (LA Law), and Janet Hubert of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Any of those actors, and several others that will appear in the anthology, would be an interesting option to step in as the lead character.
Kendrick’s comments, in another sense, speak to how much the MCU has succeeded in its formula of interconnected stories. The franchise has taken a previously risky idea of telling a large narrative, which is linked to several standalone stories, and it has engaged audiences for well over a decade now. While questions remain with each new phase that Marvel enters about whether the approach still works, it has provided an example to follow. And in its own way, Love Life could pull off its own version if it continues to be a hit.
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Source: Deadline
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