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While a majority of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2’s 56 playable characters served as a culmination of years of work and crossovers, there were a handful of memorable fighters who made their first appearance there too.

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Ruby Heart, Cable, Amingo, Marrow and SonSon all joined MvC2 as newcomers, but how did they earn a seat at the table of icons, especially when Capcom’s characters had never appeared in a game before?
The answers actually lie within a 20-year-old Japanese interview between the publication Arcadia and MvC2’s director Tatsuya Nakae and producer Yoshihiro Sudo, which was recently translated into English by the great Shmuplations.
After discussing the fighting game’s concurrent development process on both NAOMI and Sega’s Dreamcast, the interviewer straight up asked how the new Capcom characters came into being.
“Until now, Norimaro has been the only original Vs. Series character, so I wanted to add new characters to this game from the beginning,” said Nakae in 2000 as translated by Shmuplations. “When I asked Eguchi, the character design lead, for designs, he told me he wanted to revive someone from a classic game and sent me a design that reinterpreted Sonson as a girl; it was interesting and had a lot of impact, so it was adopted.”
SonSon was a platformer released by Capcom in 1984 based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West. The SonSon we met in Marvel 2 is actually the original SonSon’s granddaughter, which is a pretty neat detail to include and tie things back to the company’s legacy.
“As for Amingo, we noticed the Capcom side didn’t have any non-human characters capable of really crazy movements, so he was designed in order to fulfill that role,” continued Nakae.
The developers also wanted a brand new character to serve as one of the game’s protagonists similarly to how Ryu and Cyclops were poised before, which is where Ruby Heart came in.
Nakae states there weren’t many titles at the time with a cool female character like the pirate, so it was a new challenge for the team to take on.
Interestingly, there’s no mention made about Ruby Heart being a rejected Darkstalkers design here.
That lingered as something of a rumor in the community until former Capcom producer Seth Killian appeared to confirm Ruby’s origins as true back in 2010.
Amingo was also rumored to be a Darkstalker left on the cutting room floor, but this has never been corroborated as far as we can tell.
It certainly would make sense though that the developers would look back through Capcom’s unused concepts and designs for inspiration isntead of coming up with fighters from scratch given their short development timeframe.

Moving onto the Marvel side of things, Cable and Marrow were apparently part of a longer list of candidates before being chosen.
“One of the staffers at our company is extremely well-versed in American comics, so we asked him to come up with a list of candidates,” said Nakae. “Using the selection criteria of ‘attacks that can be easily understood at a glance’ and ‘doesn’t significantly overlap with any of the characters introduced with the previous games’, as well as ‘cool factor’, we narrowed the selection down to those two.
The director also felt that fans would have some fun with Cable’s convoluted backstory as Cyclops’ son from the future.
Closing out the character talk, Nakae reveals the team originally only wanted to include the ‘Bone Claw’ version of Wolverine, but they were directed by Marvel to include both of them.
While the Capcom newcomers haven’t really made any official appearances since MvC2 aside from SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters and references in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, they do still receive some attention every now and again.
There’s apparently now a character named Ruby wandering around the world of Street Fighter with her own profile page, and Ruby Heart showed up as a crossover costume much more recently in Street Fighter 5 for Rose.
You can find the full interview covering more topics on Shmuplations, and we previously dug into other aspects of the article on the various gameplay changes made to MvC2 during development.


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