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Mutants are imminent in the MCU, but fans have yet to find out how they will arrive. Reddit users speculate different possibilities.
With Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox in 2019, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the long-awaited Marvel mutants, including their premier team, the X-Men. Now that Phase 4 is well underway, the mutants’ introduction seems to be drawing closer and closer by the day.
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There is a multitude of different ways the higher-ups at Marvel could finally introduce mutants to the MCU. Fans of the MCU and the larger Marvel Universe have taken to Reddit to discuss their theories as to how it may happen.
Though fans have explored much of the MCU, many corners of the fictional universe remain undiscovered. Reddit user cbekel3618 hypothesizes that mutants have been around the whole time: “My personal theory is that mutants have always been around but in a very, very small population, ununified with most mutants thinking they’re alone or genetic anomalies.”
This theory suggests that mutants have been lurking in the shadows since the very beginning of the MCU, but they have avoided public attention so far. This explanation would eschew any long, drawn-out explanations of how mutants came to be, allowing the creative teams to jump into brand-new stories featuring these mutant characters.
Its downer ending was one of the things Avengers: Infinity War got right, and Thanos’ infamous snap had far-reaching effects. Some fans think the effects could continue. Reddit user Mr628 suggests, “Thanos’s snap creates mutation in genes. Lots of children inherit mutant powers.” Essentially, the intense radiation following Thanos’s snap and the two subsequent snaps could activate latent X-genes in certain members of the population, quickly creating a sizeable population of mutants.
This theory allows for certain older mutants, like Magneto or Professor X, to already exist in the MCU, provided that similar events occurred earlier in the timeline that activated another generation’s X-genes. This would pay off Thanos’s conquest by tying it into the future of the franchise, causing its effects to ripple throughout the MCU’s next phases.
The Eternals’ arrival to the franchise has fueled speculation about how they may have created the mutants. PunisherDC82 reminds fans that it was the Eternals who had a hand in creating mutants in certain versions of the comics, and suggests that the upcoming Eternals film can begin “dropping Easter eggs and hints.”
Many theorists online believe the Eternals and mutants are inexorably linked, and perhaps mutants are even failed Eternals. This theory may be particularly exciting to fans now, with the Eternals film premiering soon, which may just prove them right. The MCU is changing many things about the Eternals’ lore anyway, so this move may not seem so drastic in the context of that universe.
One out-of-the-box theory by KOPBrewHouse suggests that the mutant stories “will be set in the future, leaving room for them to tell their stories and still be part of the main MCU.” Essentially, the mutant timeline will take place in the future, keeping them separate from the larger MCU, which will continue independently of mutants.
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While this theory accounts for arcs for both the Avengers and the X-Men independent of each other, it would likely not appease fans who want to see the two groups interact. It would also pose problems for the MCU moving forward, with both timelines needing to take extra precautions not to contradict each other.
Redditor Desperate_Humor8138 offers the opinion that, while Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness won’t introduce the MCU’s mutants, it could feature certain of Fox’s X-Men, and the effects of the film’s multiversal reset would then give “birth to mutants in the main universe.”
This would appease fans hoping for certain veteran X-Men actors to return to their roles from Fox’s franchise, while also allowing for new talent to take their place in the MCU moving forward. It would also legitimize the original franchise before the reboot, making it partially MCU canon through its multiversal connection.
A combination of the futuristic and multiversal theories, one suggestion from cord_cuervo takes the position that the mutants should remain separate from the Sacred Timeline, living on their own branch of reality in the multiverse. “I’m hoping that they don’t tie them into the main MCU,” this Redditor writes, “but let them be their own branch of the multiverse.”
This theory allows for occasional crossovers between the two groups, as the multiversal walls seem to be quite breakable in the MCU, but also keeps the two franchises separate enough that they would not have much effect on one another. Like the futuristic theory, however, keeping the Avengers and X-Men separate seems almost too cheap a move for Marvel to make after so much build-up surrounding the mutants’ arrival.
Tho0331 suspects that “they will do it through science.” His post suggests that the MCU’s Norman Osborne, Doctor Doom, Mister Fantastic, or any one of the other smartest characters in the Marvel Universe may be responsible for the creation of the mutants through their own individual (or combined) experiments.
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This theory seems very plausible in a world where bizarre science experiments seem to happen regularly. From failed super soldiers to a genetically altered spider, the MCU is rife with enough violations of laboratory health and safety regulations to cause just about any genetic anomaly.
RangerRed02 claims that the complex theories are overthinking the matter. They write that “Mutation is basically an evolution timer in the Marvel Universe. Just say that evolution has finally caught up to them, and a mutant outbreak is happening.”
A less complicated theory than many others, this idea saves the Marvel Studios writers’ room a lot of headaches by simply beginning the mutant chapter without any further ado. Instead of reaching for celestial or scientific interference, humans could simply reach the next step of their evolution as mutants slowly creep their way into existence.
Reddit user Metal-Dog keeps things simple by writing that the X-Men should “just sort of show up.” While humorous in its phrasing, this theory does have its merits. After all, in a world already so full of fantasy, would it really be that unbelievable for a brand-new strain of heroes to simply arrive without further explanation?
This suggestion seems to play off the fact that audiences are already well aware of several X-Men characters such as Wolverine, Professor X, and Magneto, and therefore do not need to be reintroduced to them to understand what’s going on. It may be in everyone’s best interest to simply introduce mutantkind as a mysterious new entity at play and then leave it at that.
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