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Although the X-Men comics are some of the most popular in the Marvel universe, very few of the characters have their own dedicated stories.
The X-Men have been around for decades and as the years have passed, the team’s size has increased exponentially. While the team began humbly with five members plus Professor Xavier, the team has added countless mutants to the team. Popular additions have included mutants like Storm and Gambit.
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There have been several spin-offs over the years, with many popular mutants getting a run of their very own. Storm, Hope, and Colossus have all had titles bearing their names. There are a few mutants who deserve their own series but have never been given the honor. As the X-Men team continues to grow, the comics will have to expand to accommodate the larger team.
Mirage, also known as Danielle Moonstar, was born into the Northern Cheyenne tribe. Known to her friends as Dani, she has incredibly psionic abilities. During the events of House of M, Dani lost her mutant powers. The powers of a Valkyrie were eventually granted to Dani.
Dani debuted as a member of the 1980s New Mutant team. New interest in the character was raised after her character was featured in the 2020 film, The New Mutants. She would be a perfect candidate for being the star of her own comic book.
Sunspot, better known as Roberto da Costa, was born in Brazil. He was a member of the 1980s New Mutants team and would eventually join X-Force. He had the ability to absorb solar energy which his body can convert into heat, light, and physical strength.
Sunspot is a close friend to his New Mutant teammates, which includes Dani. His character has been included in a few X-Men films like First Class, Days of Future Past, and The New Mutants.
The five identical girls were created as clones of Emma Frost. Sophie, Phoebe, Mindee, Celeste, and Esme were psychically linked powerhouses. Sadly, Sophie and Esme died. When the two girls died, their strength as a group also decreased. The girls have been both villains and heroes, similar to their genetic mother.
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The characters have enjoyed some popularity over the years. A version of the Cuckoos were featured in The Gifted. Phoebe, Mindee, and Celeste would prove to be interesting to see grow in the pages of their own series.
This son of Rogue and Gambit hasn’t been seen in years. He had similar powers to his mother including absorption and flight. Oli was well-trained in martial arts. He was also shown to have a similar personality to his mother. Unlike his sister, he chose to join the X-Men.
He is the son of two popular X-Men. Since his parents recently married in the comics, perhaps there will be a way to reintroduce him into the comics. He could have a standalone series set in the future or be pulled into the past.
John Proudstar was born into the Apache tribe. He had powers like superhuman strength and speed. He was drafted into the Marine Corps. He didn’t get along well with Cyclops, who was the leader of the X-Men at the time. His brother, James Proudstar, had a similar power-set.
His character didn’t have much time to shine. He was killed shortly after being introduced as Marvel thought he was too much like Wolverine. His character was eventually reintroduced but only for a limited amount of time. After being featured on The Gifted, John is primed for his own run.
One of the most underutilized characters in all of Marvel comics has to be Dream Richards. She became the third person to use the name of Marvel Girl after her mother and grandmother. As the daughter of Rachel Summers and Franklin Richards, she is the granddaughter of four popular heroes.
She has a lot of untapped potential and possesses a combination of her parents’ powers. It’s possible that she is the most powerful mutant in the Marvel Universe. She could prove to be as great a hero as her ancestors.
Alexander Summers is the younger brother of Cyclops and the older brother of Vulcan. Both his siblings have had the chance to carry their own limited series. Alex has never been given the chance to star in his own comic.
He has been an X-Men but is better known for his association with X-Factor. He has a long-standing relationship with Magneto’s daughter, Polaris. He has the ability to absorb and release energy. Like his brother Scott, he has trouble controlling his ability.
Elixir was born Joshua Foley. He joined the anti-mutant group, the Reavers, with a friend. While with the Reavers, he revealed that he had the ability to heal. Josh was sent to the Xavier Institute. After he was disowned by his parents, Dani Moonstar became his legal guardian.
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He became a member of the New Mutants and eventually joined the X-Men. Recently, Josh became a member of a team known as the Five. He is an Omega-level mutant who should be given his own series.
Technically speaking, Gambit has been given his own run a handful of times. Fans of the character have never been happy with how his comics have been handled. The popular mutant has never been given the proper chance to shine.
He is a powerful mutant with an interesting story. He’s never been that bad of a guy, but he isn’t always the hero. His ability to charge and throw cards is unique. His recent marriage has brought new interest to the character.
Kitty Pryde is a popular member of the X-Men team. Despite having been around for decades, she has never been given her own title. She once even shared a title with Wolverine.
She was only thirteen when she started down the path of becoming a superhero. Kitty has the ability to phase through solid objects. She was put in charge of the team at one point. Her relationship with Colossus had endured through the decades, but recently ended when she left him at the altar. She would prove to be an interesting character in her own series.
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