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Looking for some Deadpool 3 updates? Here’s everything we know! The Merc with a Mouth, hilariously brought to life in two Fox movies by the pitch-perfect casting of Ryan Reynolds, is set to return. This time, Fox is owned by Disney, and as we all know Disney owns Marvel, which means that Deadpool has finally come home. With confirmation that Deadpool 3 is on the way (no one’s letting this cash cow die, with over a billion dollars in box office receipts), the speculation can run rampant as to what the threequel will be about, whether the movie will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and who exactly is going to be cast in it.
While star Ryan Reynolds has recently announced on Instagram that he will be taking a “sabbatical” from movie-making, Deadpool 3 is still very much on the cards – although time will tell when Reynolds actually gets around to helping heat up the production. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have likely already earmarked the threequel for a release date – one of the many unknown dates for MCU movies penciled in over the next few years – meaning Reynolds’ sabbatical will have to come to an end sometime.
In the meantime, as time goes on, we’re getting morsels of information here and there, and we’re very quickly being able to paint a picture of what Deadpool 3 is going to look like. If it’s anything like the last two, fans should be in for a real treat, especially if star/producer Reynolds is able to interact with more marquee MCU characters! Here’s everything we know about Deadpool 3 – keep an eye on this article as it continues to be updated with more information as it becomes available!
While no release date has been set for the Deadpool threequel, we know the movie is definitely coming. Fans should keep in mind that franchises like this don’t tend to lie low very long, for executives’ fear of audiences losing interest. For example, Black Panther and Captain Marvel are receiving sequels next year (after debuting in 2018 and 2019, respectively). Doctor Strange had the longest wait of six years before a sequel came his goateed way – and that would’ve been five were it not for the specter of COVID-19 (the good doctor also had appearances in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame to keep fans satiated). Fans can expect cameras to roll at the earliest in 2022 if the script is already being worked on, 2023 at the latest, and that’s not taking Reynolds’ self-imposed “sabbatical” into account. Reynolds has always been a workaholic, so chances are he’ll return to movie-making sooner rather than later.
Let’s be real here, part of the first two Deadpool movies’ charm is their ‘R’ (for Restricted) ratings. While studios tend to dread the R rating – especially Disney, for whom PG is a way of life – Deadpool provided a real renaissance in attitudes toward the R, showing that R rated movies have real box office potential. Recently we’ve heard word that Deadpool 3 will indeed retain an R rating – leading fans everywhere to cry with joy (internally or externally).
Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige confirmed Deadpool 3 will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the same breath as confirming that it will retain its R rating. A surprising move, considering that none of the MCU movies thus far have been rated R. The Marvel Netflix shows have been a different story, although those characters (Daredevil, Punisher et al) have yet to crossover with their movie compadres (although that could all change, if Matt Murdock really does turn up in Spider-Man: No Way Home later this year).
While Feige seemed to confirm Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool being in the MCU, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be in the thick of it with whomever The New Avengers end up being. He could continue to exist in his own little pocket of the Marvel universe, with little to no effect on the wider Phase 4 or 5 storyline (or whenever he appears). Instead, they might feed MCU characters into Deadpool 3, allowing the Merc with a Mouth to run his, well, mouth in their general direction.
More recently, in the media blitz for Reynolds’ upcoming Free Guy, he made a promo as Deadpool, reacting to the Free Guy, with none other than Korg from Thor: Ragnarok. It essentially cemented Deadpool’s upcoming place in the MCU in the most meta, Deadpool-way possible, and who better to pair him with than Korg? Obviously, the voice of Korg – Taika Waititi – holding the villain role in Free Guy has everything to do with this. A sublime taste of things to come! Check out the promo above, and check back here for more Deadpool 3 updates – everything we know is going to increase, and soon!
Ryan Reynolds, of course, is going to return as Deadpool. At this point, there are probably few people who can imagine anyone else in the role, as iconic a pairing as Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. Considering Reynolds was so instrumental in bringing Deadpool to the screen in the first place, it stands to reason that he’s the man to weather the storm as the franchise transitions over to the House of Mouse. Feige and Marvel will also appreciate Reynolds’ intrinsic connection to the material and the character – you simply don’t get one without the other. As far as this writer’s concerned, Reynolds is probably going to want to play Deadpool till the end of his career; he’s just that invested in Wade Wilson.
With Feige reporting that Ryan Reynolds is overseeing a script now, time will tell what the movie will be about or what areas of the MCU it will touch upon. Feige & co. will still be planning on introducing mutants and the X-Men to the MCU, and considering Deadpool’s connection to mutantdom, it’s safe to say they might be intertwined on some level.
News broke recently that had Fox remained its own entity (without any mouse-shaped executives lording over it), the original story would’ve been a Deadpool/Wolverine road trip movie, “Rashomon-style” – which, frankly, would’ve been amazing. Now that the X-Men will be rebooted, with Hugh Jackman having hung up the claws after Logan, we’ll sadly never see this vision come to life. That said, if Reynolds and friends could come up with an idea that fun and cool, it stands to reason that any other story that becomes the basis for Deadpool 3 will be just as rad. Fingers crossed.
With Deadpool joining the MCU, it remains to be seen if he addresses the fact that he used to be in a Fox franchise and is now in the Disney-owned MCU. Considering Wade Wilson’s propensity for breaking the fourth wall, that behind-the-scenes change will more than likely be addressed in some hilarious fashion, but it remains to be seen if it’ll affect the story in any way. More as it develops and we add to everything we know about Deadpool 3!
Deadpool 2 added a bunch of fun characters to the franchise, ripped straight from the comics. We had Josh Brolin as a pretty pitch-perfect Cable, and Zazie Beetz also turned heads as the luckiest mutant in the world, Domino. Beetz recently expressed her desire to return for the threequel, as that was something “that was always in the world of what was potentially going to happen” before the Disney acquisition. It’s certainly possible that Reynolds and Feige will bring her back if they want Domino back, rather than re-cast, as she did solid work in the role.
There’s no news yet on if Brolin will return as Cable. The character certainly has the potential to return, considering his backstory wasn’t mired by his parentage (Cyclops and Jean Grey) in the last movie, meaning this could be another way in to connecting Cable to the mutant world as set out by the MCU. There’s doubt in Brolin returning, and it comes from an interview he gave where he said that filming Deadpool 2 was “hard”, and more akin to a “business transaction” than his work as Thanos in the Avengers sequels was. Considering that he would be under Marvel Studios’ roof once again, it stands to reason he might feel differently, but as it stands Brolin never sounded super stoked about his experience on Deadpool 2.
No other cast members have been confirmed, but as always, this will change as Deadpool 3 moves closer to production. We’ll keep you posted right here with Deadpool 3 updates – everything we know!
As no other cast members have been confirmed, this also means there’s no word on who the villain of the piece might be, or who’ll play them. At this point, everyone’s on the table. It could be an X-Men-centric villain, or a different Marvel villain. Personally, I’m gunning for MODOK. Think how much fun Reynolds could have insulting him! Alternatively, they could just go down the route of the iconic comic book series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, and have him kill literally every Marvel character we’ve seen on-screen so far. While that would be hella expensive, it would also be f*cking awesome.
At this point, no director has been confirmed, and Deadpool 2 director David Leitch isn’t expected to return (according to Deadline); although the door has been “left open for his return”, he also wasn’t part of the search for Deadpool 3‘s writers, which means it’s unlikely he’ll come back.
Since Ryan Reynolds’ latest comedy actioner Free Guy is about to hit theaters on August 13th, the director of that movie – Shawn Levy – has teased the possibility of directing Deadpool 3. In an interview with Inverse, Levy said:
I’m going to mostly skirt that question, which might be an answer. But I’ll answer the last part of it, which is: I’m a fan. I’m a fan of Deadpool, like a massive fan. And I’m a fan of the Marvel Universe and the way in which increasingly, individual filmmakers of real note can make and express with their own voice and vision through that franchise behemoth, whether it’s what Taika did with Ragnarok, what Eternals is going to be, what James Gunn did with Guardians. These are real films that also happen to be Marvel movies. So for the right title — because I only raised my hand on stuff where I know what to do with that, and there’s a few where I feel I know what to do with that. So we’ll see.
While Levy is by no means a lock, it’s clear there’s either been discussions with Marvel, there’s about to be, or he really really wants there to be. On the same note, like the man says, talks could be held regarding a variety of potential projects, in addition to Deadpool 3. But that’s all we know for now.
Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Reynolds simply sits in the director’s chair himself. Why not? He’s been on enough action comedy sets (including two Deadpool entries) already, who better a choice? He’s gotta be thinking about it at some point; maybe not Deadpool 3, but there’ll likely be a Deadpool 4, so maybe we’ll see Reynolds in the director’s seat then. In the meantime, stay tuned for more Deadpool 3 updates as everything we know grows to include who the director ends up being!
Writing team/sisters Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin have been tapped by Reynolds to write the movie, with their bona fides including being writers and executive producers of Bob’s Burgers (for which they won an Emmy in 2017), as well as being co-creators of The Great North (well-received by critics according to Rotten Tomatoes with a critic rating of 100%). Reynolds obviously finds them funny enough to write for Deadpool, as must the Writer’s Guild of America who gave them the Annie Award for an episode of Bob’s Burgers they penned. It looks like Deadpool will be in safe hands with these two for Deadpool 3.
The Deadpool movies have always been fond of a fun post-credits tag, and now they’re joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (where such things are de rigeur), there’s no reason why Deadpool 3 won’t have one. Of course, we have no idea what it is yet, but that’ll change closer to or after the release of Deadpool 3. Stay tuned for more Deadpool 3 updates as we expand on everything we know, and this article is updated in the future!
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