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There are plenty of beings out there who Galactus has never beaten. Galactus has learned the hard way that power doesn’t always equate to a win.
Galactus is one of Marvel‘s most fearsome beings, a cosmic force of nature who travels the cosmos devouring planets. One of the most intelligent beings in the universe, Galactus has existed since before the current iteration of the universe started, transformed into an all-powerful being in the crucible of creation. The coming of Galactus is always a moment that elicits great fear, as he’s been responsible for destruction on an unfathomable scale.
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As powerful as Galactus is, he’s not invincible. There are plenty of beings out there who Galactus has surprisingly never beaten. Galactus has learned the hard way that power doesn’t always equate to a win.
The Age Of Apocalypse is one of the most beloved X-Men stories of the ’90s and while Marvel certainly wanted to cash in on its popularity after it ended, it was kind of impossible at the time. So, in What If… (Vol. 2) 81, they did a story about what would have happened if that world hadn’t ended. Galactus shows up and the X-Men are forced to fight him to save the world.
With the help of Tony Stark, the X-Men are able to fight off Galactus, with Weapon X even killing Silver Surfer. Galactus is mortally wounded in the battle, which is a big difference from every fight the heroes of the regular Marvel Universe had with him.
This one is kind of a technicality but it still counts. The Living Tribunal is the second most powerful being in the Marvel Universe, acting as the judge for the One Above All. Its power is absolute; it can even turn off the Infinity Gauntlet, robbing the user of its godlike power. Only the One Above All is beyond its power.
No one has ever really fought the Living Tribunal because it would be futile. In that regard, Galactus has never beaten the Living Tribunal. He’s too smart to go up against a being that outclasses him so vastly.
The Ultimates later incarnation was a different kind of superteam, one more devoted to solving problems in the universe than just beating things into submission, although with members like the Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, Spectrum, America, and Black Panther, they could certainly do that as well. One of those problems was Galactus, and they approached it in a novel way.
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The team was able to force Galactus into his Incubator, which was no easy feat. This remade Galactus into the Lifebringer and he would join the team on their mission to solve the problems of the universe.
During the classic Fantastic Four story, “The Trial Of Galactus,” a weakened Galactus breaks his vow to not consume the Earth and the heroes of the Earth face off against him. This is one of the few times Earth’s heroes were able to beat him without a trick, as he was on the verge of starvation. One of the most important heroes in the battle was Doctor Strange.
Strange was able to use his magical abilities to confront Galactus with the souls of all the beings he killed over billions of years, provoking a response no one had heard before: Galactus screamed. The distraction caused by this allowed the FF and the Avengers to take him down.
The Avengers were also there during the battle with Galactus in “The Trial Of Galactus.” One would think the team had dealt with the World Devourer before but Galactus and the Avengers had never crossed paths, as the FF usually dealt with the cosmic being. Things were drastic, though, so the Avengers chipped in to help.
The Avengers’ sheer power and skill helped immensely in the battle, wearing down the already weakened Galactus. While the battle was won, the Avengers learned a valuable lesson that day: that even a weakened Galactus was no easy foe to beat.
Thor has faced down some dangerous foes over the years and his battles against Galactus are always something special. The two have had several encounters over the years and while Galactus is more powerful than Thor, the God of Thunder has always managed to come out on top. Galactus may have the power but Thor’s wherewithal and sheer willpower have served him well.
Galactus even made Thor his herald, thinking it would stop a vision he had of Thor being the reason he died. This was a mistake, as Thor used his might combined with the Power Cosmic to take out the cosmic being.
In the Infinity Gauntlet sequel, Infinity War, the Magus began a campaign that ended up netting him the Infinity Gauntlet. Galactus, working with Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer, set out to stop the Magus but he was as ineffectual as everyone else who tried. While the Magus didn’t engage Galactus per se, he completely outsmarted him, even destroying his ship.
When Galactus finally got to a point where he could fight the Magus, the evil side of Adam Warlock had already gained the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. In the end, Warlock defeated the Magus with no help from Galactus at all.
There are few on Earth more formidable than Doctor Doom. He’s a master of magic, one of the most intelligent people on Earth, and the leader of his own country. Doom has defeated a who’s who of foes arrayed against him and Galactus is no different. In fact, at one point, Doom was able to capture Galactus and transform him into a power battery for Latveria.
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There are few who have ever been able to humble Galactus, and Doom was one of them. Doom doesn’t lose often and he’s never lost to Galactus, if only just to prove he’s better than the FF since he scores the win on his own.
Thanos and Galactus have a lot of things in common. Both are extinction-level events incarnated. Both are massively powerful, with Thanos having more powers than one can shake a stick at, just like Galactus. The merest mention of either of their names strikes fear into the hearts of all who hear them. Amazingly, Thanos is a name that even Galactus fears.
Thanos and Galactus have faced off a few times and every time, Thanos has won. While it’s debatable if he’s more powerful than Galactus, Thanos has made a habit of defeating beings who are ostensibly his superior, and Galactus is no different.
The Fantastic Four is the Marvel Universe’s first family, and while they might not seem like much on paper, together they are a force to be reckoned with. They were the first humans to face off against Galactus and with the help of Silver Surfer and Uatu, defeated the Big G. Ever since then, the FF has been Earth’s first line of defense against Galactus and hasn’t failed yet.
The FF win their battles thanks to their combination of power, brains, and teamwork. They’ve used these attributes well against Galactus, as he rarely expects to be outsmarted, which is usually the key to beating him.
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