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Shang-Chi is a martial arts expert from the world of Marvel Comics, but there are other characters from cartoons that are very similar to him.
When it comes to martial artists in Marvel Comics, no one even comes close to Shang-Chi. His skills in both armed and unarmed are unparalleled, with many people believing that he’s the best fighter in this world. And he’s also trained several other Marvel characters over the years.
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But there are a lot of cartoon heroes who are quite reminiscent of Shang-Chi in different ways. Naturally, there are more than a few master martial artists among them. That being said, there are also other characters who are quite similar to Shang-Chi for completely different reasons.
While raising his four children, Splinter trained them to be expert martial artists. Each of them excelled in their own ways and found a different skill set to work on. But it’s hard to argue which one of them was the most focused on their training.
Like Shang-Chi, Leonardo was completely devoted to building his skills and to improving his talents as a warrior. He took everything about the process incredibly seriously, exhibiting a level of discipline that his brothers simply did not.
Few Jedi survived the horrors of Emperor Palpatine’s Order 66. Against the odds and with the help of the Bad Batch, young Caleb Dume was one of them. To stay hidden and safe, he took the name Kanan Jarrus and learned to survive in this new galactic order.
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As an adult, Kanan became a mentor to Ezra Bridger, a young Jedi who had grown up during the age of the Galactic Empire. He and Shang-Chi shared that in common as they both helped train other heroes to reach their full potential.
During medieval times, Goliath was the leader of a clan of gargoyles who defended Castle Wyvern during the night. When they were betrayed, Goliath and the survivors of his clan were eventually woken up in the future where they continued their heroic ways.
Goliath and Shang-Chi share a similar set of strict principles as well as natural leadership tendencies. Both of them are inclined to take charge of situations to help keep their friends and allies stay safe, even though it doesn’t always work out.
While he may not have had the power of the Avatar, it’s hard to deny Zuko’s skill as a firebender. But he was long governed by his rage and his desire to curry the favor of a father who would never respect him. Shang-Chi knows how that feels.
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Both of them trained to be the best at what they do for fathers who did not deserve their loyalty Each of them eventually learned that they had to find their own paths to grow into the heroes they were always meant to be.
When Snake-Eyes joined the military and eventually the Arashikage Ninja Clan, he was following a path that would lead to becoming the G.I. Joe team’s greatest weapon. But Storm Shadow had been on a similar path for much longer, one that started at birth.
Like Shang-Chi, Storm Shadow was born into the world of the warrior. His conditioning and training began the moment he was born and never really stopped. Each one of them is a finely honed instrument of battle.
In his early days, Jack lived a quiet life with his parents in feudal Japan. Then, Aku arrived. The evil demon sorcerer became the focus of Jack’s life as he traveled the world to learn all the techniques he would need to take Aku on. The final piece of the puzzle was a mystical sword that could kill Aku.
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Shang-Chi was equally focused on his training and devoted to his personal mission. In his case, that was taking down his nefarious father. Regardless of the specifics, Shang-Chi and Samurai Jack were both committed to taking down a force much bigger than themselves.
When Bruce Wayne lost his family, he eventually went on a journey that would lead him to become Batman. His skill as a martial artist in DC Comics is unparalleled. Well, as long as Lady Shiva isn’t in the mix. Shang-Chi would have big problems with her, too.
Though their motivations aren’t exactly the same, Batman and Shang-Chi were both driven to do what they do because of family. What matters is that they’re both equally dedicated to their respective missions.
At one point, Shang-Chi formed a team of heroes who were known as the Protectors. They were a formidable team, to say the least, and fought a lot of massive battles. Finn would definitely have been jealous.
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If there’s one thing that Finn the Human was a fan of, it was fighting to protect the people he cared about. He and Shang-Chi definitely would have found a kinship in their desire to do what was best for everyone around them.
There are numerous Star Wars fans who believe that Ahsoka Tano is the greatest character to come out of the entire Star Wars animated world. This former Jedi found a much different path, one that likely saved her from falling prey to Order 66.
Part of what sets Ahsoka apart is her skill as a warrior but also the fact that she also became a philosopher and monk. She strove to understand the ins and outs of the universe, something that Shang-Chi could also definitely appreciate.
When it comes to raw power, Goku is on a completely different level than Shang-Chi. Frankly, he should definitely be fighting the likes of Sentry or Superman. And even heroes on that level of power would be wise to take fighting him seriously.
But when it comes to skill, training, and dedication to their craft, Goku and Shang-Chi are quite comparable. It takes a lot of work to get to their respective levels. Franky, they would probably make interesting sparring partners. Well, until one of them went all Super Saiyan.
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