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Oscar Isaac, star of the upcoming Moon Knight show on Disney+, has revealed that he had not heard of the character before taking the role.
Oscar Isaac just revealed that he had not heard of Moon Knight before taking the role in the upcoming Moon Knight show. It will be yet another addition to the ever-expanding MCU, which has now branched out to Disney+ in addition to theaters. After many delays due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and no releases in 2020, Marvel Studios is once again moving ahead full steam with their releases. There have been four MCU shows released and two movies so far in 2021, with the highly anticipated Eternals coming in November. While there has been no release date set for it yet, Moon Knight is just one of the many projects Marvel Studios has coming on Disney+.
Moon Knight is a fascinating character in Marvel history. Marc Spector is a man with dissociative identity disorder that leaves the CIA and Marines. After being left for dead in North Sudan, Spector is given moon-based powers by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu and saved from the brink of death. Returning back to the US with these powers, he creates new identities for himself while struggling with the powers he has and his mental illness. There are currently no plot details about the show, but it will presumably have these details in it. The only confirmed cast members so far are Ethan Hawke and May Calamaway, both of which are playing undisclosed roles. Hawke will be playing the villain in Moon Knight.
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Now, Oscar Isaac has talked about getting the role of Moon Knight. During an interview with Fandom, Isaac mentions how he had never heard of the character before. While he had collected comic books when he was younger, he never crossed paths with the character. Check out the full quote below:
“That’s really what it was. I collected comic books in the 90s but I had not heard of Moon Knight. It wasn’t on my radar at all, so when it came my way I didn’t have any baggage on it. I didn’t really know anything. I read the first episode, I spoke with Kevin [Feige], I tested some stuff out on my kids…. And I just got really excited about the story and about the character and the potential there and I found there to be a lot of space to try some really out there stuff.”
While Moon Knight is a popular character for comics fans, he is not as well known to general audiences. Isaac seems to be one of the people that did not know about him before, but thanks to being cast, has learned a lot. The character has drawn some comparisons to Batman, which could be exciting for wider audiences to check out. Moon Knight is rumored to have other MCU characters show up, which could be another way that the show could connect to a wider audience. The MCU already has a massive fanbase, so the show should surely be a hit, especially since the Disney+ shows have done very well for the streaming service.
Hopefully audiences will be able to connect with and enjoy the character of Moon Knight a lot more through the show. The MCU is definitely branching out to include more obscure and lesser-known characters now post-Endgame, so it will be exciting to see where it goes next. Moon Knight is undoubtedly going to bring in a superhero that audiences have never seen before through his powers and personalities.
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Source: Fandom
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