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As TFT’s Set 5 comes to a close, ending the era of Reckoning and Dawn of Heroes, it’s time to pivot focus to the upcoming Set 6, Gizmos & Gadgets. With a brand new mechanic in Hextech Augments, some League of Legends champions making their Teamfight Tactics debuts, and plenty of new stunning visuals to enchant players, Set 6 is already being heralded as one of the most innovative sets in TFT history. Before the new set goes onto the PBE (it’s scheduled to go live on Patch 11.23 in November), here are the big things you need to know about Set 6!
The biggest new mechanic that will be coming to TFT in Set 6 is the Hextech Augments. 
Each player will get three Hextech Augments per game, and players will receive their Augments at the same time (though they may not get the same Augments) in the Armory. The Augments have three tiers — Bronze, Silver, and Gold — and each player will be able to obtain one Augment within each tier (the Armories will all contain the same tier of Augments). 
The lower-tier Augments will provide basic power-ups for your units like granting bonus stats to a certain set of classes, while higher-tier Augments will provide game-breaking abilities like Loaded Dice, bonus experience, and possible free refreshes to your shop! Some of the Augments will be available in different tiers, but will have a different power level. For instance, players can obtain Knife’s Edge, which grants bonus AD to frontline units. The Bronze tier, Knife’s Edge I grants 25 bonus damage, while Knife’s Edge II (Silver tier) grants 45 bonus damage and Knife’s Edge III grants 60.
Only a few Hextech Augments have been revealed, but with over 140 different Augments to choose from, players will surely be chomping at the bit to get onto the PBE and experiment with different builds.
There are a bunch of item changes coming to TFT in Set 6. Some are simple balancing numbers while the items function the same. However, a few notable items have had their function change significantly.
First, the new Tactician’s Crown replaces Force of Nature, but functions exactly the same (and builds out of two Spatulas), so don’t go freaking out when you don’t see that familiar icon. Archangel’s Staff now grants ramping AP, with the holder gaining 25 AP every 4 seconds, making it ideal for tanky mages with survivability.
Hextech Gunblade not only heals the holder when they cast a spell, but also heals the lowest-health ally for the same amount. Deathblade no longer grants bonus damage for each takedown, but instead grants a flat amount of bonus damage based on the holder’s star level.  Finally, Dragon’s Claw is retaining the fireball from the Radiant variant, which fires at the caster and does percent max health damage.
Of course, what is most intriguing to TFT players are all the brand new traits that are coming in Set 6. Here’s a breakdown of all the new and unique traits that will be coming to the game:
In addition, the following champions will be joining the TFT ranks for the first time:
Remember these familiar traits? They will be returning in more or less the same capacity from past sets.
Finally, even though there isn’t enough time to break down every single champion, it’s worth it to look at the few champions that are deemed to be among the strongest in TFT Set 6 (or at least are the rarest).
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