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Long-time X-Men producer Simon Kinberg is excited to see how Marvel Studios incorporates mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
X-Men producer Simon Kinberg is excited to see how Marvel Studios incorporates mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite an array of continuity issues, Fox’s X-Men franchise was essentially the first cinematic universe featuring Marvel characters. Throughout 13 films, its vaguely connected universe delivered iconic portrayals such as Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.
In 2019, Disney made a deal to acquire Fox’s movie and TV assets, bringing the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters under the control of Marvel Studios. Following Avengers: Endgame and the beginning of the MCU’s Phase 4, fans have eagerly anticipated the implementation of mutants and/or familiar faces. Many speculated that the casting of Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver in WandaVision signaled the official induction of X-Men into the MCU. However, his role ultimately devolved into a meta-casting joke. Still, it’s been confirmed that the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four are part of the studio’s long-term plans.
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Kinberg was attached to Fox’s X-Men franchise since 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand and even directed 2019’s Dark Phoenix—which was one of the studio’s last mutant-driven films. In a recent interview with CBR, Kinberg talked about being interested to see what Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and company will do with the X-Men. Read what he had to say below:
“I’m really interested to see what they will do with it, to make it different if I’m not a part of it, or even if I am a part of it. Not to sound bombastic, but it’s a little bit like Shakespeare, where a million people have played Hamlet. There’s been tons of fascinating versions of Hamlet. I myself started with the original X-Men cast and then went into the First Class cast and then put them together in a movie and split them back up again and did something very different with Logan than what we were doing with Wolverine and the X-Men mainline franchise. So there are just so many different ways you can go tonally and cast-wise…I’m excited to see what they do…I don’t have any hopes for what they do. I know it’s gonna be cool because everything they do is cool and smart and really well-thought-out. As a fan of the comics and as a fan of Marvel movies, I literally can’t wait. So yeah, I’d certainly be open to being involved. If not, will be first in line and wildly excited to see what they do.”
While there’s been no word on when the term “mutants” will appear, the MCU already features X-Men-related characters like Scarlet Witch, who is the daughter of Magneto in the comics. On top of that, Reynolds recently made his irreverent MCU debut alongside Korg in a promotional video for Free Guy. It recently became clear that Deadpool 3 is in development at Marvel Studios. Marvel also announced that a Fantastic Four film is on their release slate from Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts. The latter film is already teasing the idea of already-established characters from the Sony universe making their way into the MCU—which not only bodes well for the Merc with a Mouth but other mutants as well.
Hearkening back to Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch’s (Elizabeth Olsen) relation to mutants, rumors persist that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will introduce at least one major X-Men character. In addition to Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the sequel is expected to star Loki (Tom Hiddleston) fresh off of traversing alternate timelines/universes in his Disney+ series. Marvel Studios could capitalize on their ever-evolving Multiverse theory and bring in an array of familiar faces. However, they’ll likely aim for longevity and reboot most of the X-Men in surprising ways. While everyone loves Jackman’s Wolverine, it appears he truly hung up his claws with 2017’s Logan.
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Source: CBR
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