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Indoor character meets are coming. But for those expecting to get up close and personal, there will still be COVID precautions in place.
Disney will soon resume indoor character meets but fans should expect there to be social distancing in place along with face masks, and no hugs from characters. However, even with these restrictions, it is a step in the right direction for Disney parks to return to normal. And for fans who have been looking for a bit more interaction with their favorite characters, this is welcome news for many.
According to CBS News, indoor character meets will be resuming in November for Disney World. This means that while there will still be social distancing involved and characters and guests alike will have to wear masks, the interaction with the characters will be individualized. However, no autographs will be allowed, even with these precautions put into place.
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Along with the individual meet and greets, guests can expect indoor theatrical shows to resume as well. Again, masks will need to be worn by guests, as they currently are with all indoor attractions, but given that these stages have been dark since the parks closed as a result of the pandemic, bringing actors back will be enjoyable for all involved.
The one question that many seem to have, according to Disney Tourist Blog is what indoor character meets mean for character dining. Given that masks are required for indoor dining unless eating, it seems like that this would be a venue for guests and characters to interact. However, the indoor dining venues are not on the list of locations that Disney plans on including meet and greets at Disney World as of yet, likely because the environment cannot be as controlled as others can be.
So far, according to WFLA, the locations that Disney World will be including indoor character meets starting in November are:
Currently, there are no plans to begin indoor meet and greets at Disneyland. As such, guests will have to continue to have interactions with their favorite characters from afar and wave at them as they come out on balconies to surprise and delight crowds.
The timing of the indoor meets appears to align with the deadline that cast members have to either be vaccinated or be terminated from their jobs, according to Disney Tourist Blog. And with vaccines rolling out soon for those ages five through 11 years old, the hope appears to be that with a complete group of employees who are vaccinated as well as the majority of guests, that the risk of contracting COVID or the Delta variant will be small.
So, for those who have been looking to get up a bit closer and more personal to a favorite character, that time will be coming soon. And while it might not quite be like it was pre-pandemic, it is a good indication that theme park life is inching back to a state of normalcy.
Source: CBS News, Disney Tourist Blog, WFLA
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