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Fallout 4 gives you the chance to recruit all sorts of companions, and here is exactly how to get John Hancock on your side.
The Fallout franchise features many mechanics that allow you to choose how you want to play the game, and allowing you to choose your companion is one of the most important customization options. There are lots of companions to recruit throughout Fallout 4, and even more, if you have the expansion packs.
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Out of all the companions in Fallout 4, John Hancock is one of the most unique because of his in-depth backstory and interesting personality. Here's how to recruit John Hancock as a companion and everything else you should know about him.
There are a few pieces of information you should know before rushing into combat with John Hancock. These are the most important things about John Hancock.
Compared to most other followers in Fallout 4, John Hancock has an interesting backstory. Hancock is a Ghoul that you meet in Goodneighbor, and he's the leader of this settlement during the events of Fallout 4. Hancock is originally from Diamond City and is Mayor McDonough's brother, so he's connected to both settlements in certain ways.
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John Hancock left Diamond City after Mayor McDonough created anti-Ghoul fear and hatred there; however, Hancock himself wasn't yet a Ghoul during these events. When John Hancock left for Goodneighbor, he started using chems regularly, which eventually led to him turning into a Ghoul by using a rare chem. John Hancock became the leader of Goodneighbor, and then the main storyline was set into action, which is the period of time that you interact with John Hancock in the timeline.
By default, John Hancock uses a Double-Barrel Shotgun along with a Combat Knife. These weapons aren't particularly powerful, however, he uses them to the best of their ability, and he can still deal a lot of damage, especially during the earlier levels in Fallout 4. However, you can give John Hancock any weapon by interacting with his inventory. If you think that he'd be better off with a different weapon type, then try a few out until you find one that fits him perfectly. Remember, though, you need to give companions ammo if they aren't using their default weapon, so they don't have unlimited ammo.
Before recruiting John Hancock, you have to travel to Goodneighbor since he lives inside this settlement. Goodneighbor is a city where everyone is welcome, so it has a very different atmosphere from the human-only Diamond City. You can find a picture of the exact location above; however, it's worth mentioning that it's in the middle of the city so that you may encounter powerful enemies on your way there, including Super Mutants and Raiders.
Once you enter Goodneighbor for the first time, you'll have a brief interaction with Hancock. After that, you need to complete a few quests before he will follow you as a companion.
First, you need to visit the alleyway in Goodneighbor, which is on the right side of the town. Here you'll encounter Bobbi No-Nose, a Ghoul that gives you "The Big Dig" quest. If you side with Bobbi during this mission, then you have to make amends with John Hancock afterward by speaking with him and completing a quest. If you side with Hancock at the end of this quest, then he'll become your companion without any extra effort, so that's the easiest way to recruit him. Either of these options leads to John Hancock becoming a companion.
After John Hancock becomes your companion, you may want to level up your affinity with him so that you can gain his companion perk and potentially start a romantic relationship with him. John Hancock doesn't have a companion quest. The following information is everything you need to know about maximizing your affinity with Hancock.
Although it's not possible to start a romantic relationship with every companion in Fallout 4, John Hancock happens to be one of the characters you can fall in love with if you increase your affinity with him enough.
You'll encounter a few different dialogue options throughout your conversations with him whenever you raise your affinity by a lot. Eventually, the final romance dialogue option will appear, and you'll have the option to discuss the idea of the two of you starting a relationship. You can enter a romantic relationship with John Hancock regardless of your character's gender.
​​​​​​Having a companion watch your back is great; however, it isn't the only reason to recruit the companions in Fallout 4. If you max out your affinity with a companion, then they'll grant you a unique perk that you can't earn anywhere else. Even if you don't want to keep John Hancock as your companion long-term, it's still worth taking him with you long enough for the two of you to get to know each other so that you can earn his companion perk.
John Hancock's companion perk is called "Isodoped," and it revolves around radiation. With this perk, you'll gain 20 percent faster critical hit regeneration if you have 250 or more radiation damage. Although this perk is fantastic if use critical hits a lot, it's a trade-off since you need to have a lot of radiation damage to use it. Regardless, obtaining a new perk is always useful, even if you don't use it all the time.
There are a few methods that you can use to increase your affinity with John Hancock. The easiest way is by using chems in his presence; becoming addicted to chems is also an action that Hancock likes. Using chems throughout your adventure is the fastest way to maximize your affinity with Hancock.
Generally, Hancock likes it if you choose to defend helpless Wastelanders throughout the Commonwealth, so choosing what would typically be considered the kind-hearted choice during quests is usually something he enjoys witnessing. However, John Hancock also isn't a stranger to violence, and he likes it when you turn against bad people, even if violence is involved. Hancock dislikes stealing, so don't steal any items while he's following you.
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