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Which of the quirky characters in Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch best matches your personality, based on your astrological sign?
Through a series of anthological stories, The French Dispatch introduces audiences to a wide multitude of characters. With so many unique and interesting personalities featured throughout the film, the complex main characters of The French Dispatch might be better understood by assigning them to each astrological zodiac sign.
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In typical Wes Anderson fashion, the filmmaker does not hold back when it comes to big, bold, and memorable characters within The French Dispatch. Between a collection of writers, artists, and revolutionaries, which character best represents your zodiac sign?
Played by Adrien Brody, Julian Cadazio is the art dealer who sells Moses Rosenthaler’s work while he’s in prison. He makes perfect sense as an Aries, a sign that spawns motivated self-starters. An Aries is always likely to eagerly take on an exciting new business venture, just like Julian does when he discovers Moses’ modern art.
Julian Cadazio is also quite hot-headed like a fiery Aries. He’s always pushing Moses to pump out more art, and when Moses’ final art installation isn’t up to Julian’s standards, the two get into a heated, physical argument. However, this falling out made for one of the funniest action scenes in any Wes Anderson movie.
Steve Parks plays the role of Lieutenant Nescaffier, the stoic chef and near epitome of a Taurus. Taureans often hyper-fixate on their passions which in turn makes them very talented in their fields. This can easily be said of Nescaffier who is highly praised by the Commissaire and Roebuck Wright for his complicated yet highly skillful approach to cooking.
Taurus is also one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. This is undeniably true for Nescaffier who ate poison in order to potentially save the life of the Commissaire’s kidnapped child, and he even managed to remain stone-cold while doing so as a resilient Taurus would.
Played by Tilda Swinton, J. K. L. Berensen tells the story of Moses Rosenthaler. J. K. L. is nothing short of a highly intelligent Wes Anderson character, exhibited through her informative lecture presentation of Moses’ work and business acquisition of his final art pieces. She fits well as a Gemini, a sign that is considered one of the smartest of the zodiac.
One of Gemini’s most prominent traits is excellent communication. This is evident for J. K. L. not only because she is a writer and most of her screen-time involves public speaking, but also because she, unlike the other writer characters, is arguably the most outgoing of them all, like that of a social Gemini.
The Commissaire, played by Mathieu Amalric, is the titular police commissioner of the final story in The French Dispatch, “The Private Dining Room of the Police Commissioner.” However, the story is less about him and more about his kidnapped child, Gabriel.
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When The Commissaire learns of his son’s kidnapping, he goes all out in order to get him back. From the intense shootout to the high-speed car chase, it’s clear that The Commissaire would do anything for his child. This is why he represents Cancers, some of the most compassionate zodiac signs. Due to their caring nature, Cancers make for incredibly dedicated parents like The Commissaire.
Benicio Del Toro plays incarcerated painter Moses Rosenthaler, the subject of one of the film’s anthology stories. It might be a bit obvious that Moses represents the sign of Leo given how he quite literally embodies a lion in many ways, from his mane of a beard to the actual lion growls he makes throughout the film.
What’s more, Leos are often intrinsically drawn to the spotlight. Despite being in prison, Moses becomes one of the world’s most renowned and famous artists. Plus, Leos are some of the most creative zodiac signs, often resulting incredibly talented artists like that of Moses Rosenthaler.
Owen Wilson’s Herbsaint Sazerac is one of the writers hired by Arthur Howitzer Jr to write for his magazine. For many reasons, Herbsaint Sazerac perfectly embodies the sign of Virgo. To start, Virgos are known for being incredible communicators and in turn skilled writers. Based on his detailed magazine entry, Herbsaint undoubtedly has a way with words.
Virgos are also known for being perfectionists. Herbsaint’s incredibly detailed work highlights nearly every possible negative trait of the town he reviews, leaving no stone unturned like a diligent Virgo. When Arthur suggests adding positive words to the piece, Herbsaint is adamant about leaving it the way it is which further showcases his perfectionism.
Zeffirelli is the young college-aged leader of a revolution played by Timothée Chalamet. He perfectly represents Libra, also referred to as the scales of justice, as he tries to balance leading his peers to freedom while writing a manifesto for the cause.
Libras are also known for being the most amiable of the zodiac as they can get along with nearly anyone. This is seen in Zeffirelli as he continually tries to be an agreeable leader. He does his best to be in good standing with both Lucinda and Juliette even though they don’t necessarily agree with each other. And like the friendly and personable Libra, Zeffirelli will surely go down as one of Timothée Chalamet’s most likable characters.
Frances McDormand plays Lucinda Krementz, the storyteller of Zeffirelli’s revolutionary tale. On the surface, she is stern like that of an assertive Scorpio, but also like a water sign, Lucinda has an emotional side that sometimes peaks through such as her soft spot for Zeffirelli.
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On top of her surface personality, Lucinda is a very blunt and honest person as she gives Zeffirelli critical feedback on his manifesto. Plus, she risks her life by approaching Zeffirelli and Juliette at the barricade in order to give more crucial revolutionary advice, like a brave and loyal Scorpio would.
Léa Seydoux is Simone, the prison guard who has an affair with Moses while he’s behind bars. Like the spontaneous Sagittarius, it is hard to tell what Simone could do next at any moment. Her moves throughout the film are quite unexpected, such as when she flips the switch of the electric chair to electrocute Moses for a brief moment.
Though mostly associated with Moses, Simone is still fiercely independent like a Sagittarius. It is her alone who convinces Moses to continue his work, and without her, there would be no art from Moses in the first place.
Played by recurring Wes Anderson collaborator Bill Murray, Arthur Howitzer Jr is the character who ties all of the anthology stories together as the owner and editor of the French Dispatch magazine. Arthur’s character is completely motivated by having a successful business, making him the embodiment of a career-oriented Capricorn.
Capricorns are known for their overly practical approach to life. Arthur Howitzer Jr’s entire existence revolves around his magazine, so much so that he insists it shuts down upon his death. He even has the notorious “No Crying” sign hung up in his office which is quite a fitting phrase for a stoic Capricorn.
Juliette is another revolutionary who works with, and sometimes against, Zeffirelli. One of her main personality traits is her love to deviate from the norm, whether it be fighting against the government’s status quo or arguing with her peers simply for the sake of debate.
Aquarius is also the sign of revolution, making it the perfect sign for Juliette as she fights for change and social progress. And like an air sign, Juliette is quick to adapt to the escalating situation at the barricade when she rides away with Zeffirelli for safety.
Jeffery Wright plays Roebuck Wright, the storyteller of The Commissaire’s tale. Roebuck shows what is arguably the most compassion for his story subjects compared to any other character in The French Dispatch, proving that he is highly sympathetic like an emotional Pisces.
Also like a Pisces, Roebuck allowed himself to be vulnerable on television when recounting his experience. He was also the first person to start writing Arthur’s obituary, making it even more evident that Robuck has an innate tenderness toward other people.
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