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“It’s a little bit like Shakespeare.”
Longtime X-Men producer Simon Kinberg talked to CBR about the Mutants finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how he’s excited to see what Kevin Feige does with the characters. Kinberg produced all of the Mutants movies and TV shows from X-Men: First Class to X-Men: Dark Phoenix, helping build Fox’s successful superhero franchise before Disney bought the company.
When asked if he would be willing to help introduce the Mutants in the MCU, Kinberg said he “would always be open to working on it, because I love the characters so much." However, Kinberg also loves Feige’s work and the MCU in general and is curious to see how other creative teams deal with the X-Men. To Kinberg, the new iteration of the X-Men is “a little bit like Shakespeare, where a million people have played Hamlet. There have been tons of fascinating versions of Hamlet.” So, while he would love to work with the X-Men once more, Kinberg is “really interested to see what they will do with it, to make it different if I'm not a part of it.”
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To put things simply, Kinberg says he’s open to working with the Mutants once again, but the most important thing is that he knows the MCU will do the Mutants justice. In Kinberg’s words:
“I'm excited to see what they do. I don't have any hopes for what they do. I know it's gonna be cool because everything they do is cool and smart and really well-thought-out. As a fan of the comics and as a fan of Marvel movies, I literally can't wait. So yeah, I'd certainly be open to being involved. If not, will be first in line and wildly excited to see what they do.”
After buying Fox in 2017, Disney acquired the rights over the Mutants and the Fantastic Four. Once the deal ran its bureaucratic course and the merger could no longer be reversed, Feige announced a new Fantastic Four film was in pre-production, with an unnamed Mutants project also in development. While we still do not know how or when all the X-Men will join the MCU, Deadpool 3 is expected to start filming in 2022, making it the first official Mutants film produced under Disney’s command.
As news for upcoming Mutants projects in the MCU emerges, you can expect to read it all here at Collider.
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