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Peter Quill’s room looks like it was decorated by a 12-year-old boy, but it has huge implications for mutants in Guardians of the Galaxy’s world.
Warning!! The following contains spoilers for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, available October 26. 
Guardians of the Galaxy is making its way out slowly but surely, aiming to hit every major console soon. While the game is a fairly straightforward, linear narrative experience, that doesn’t mean it skimps on the easter eggs. Guardians may not use easter eggs as prominently as a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man did to add some fun flavor to the universe, but the game still manages to have some fun with them.
There are all sorts of little nods throughout the game, ranging from the name of a space llama potentially referencing an obscure character to the costumes worn by the various characters. However, one easter egg spotted immediately at the game’s opening has some pretty significant implications, namely that Marvel’s Merry Mutants, the X-Men, already exist within Guardians’ universe.
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When the game gives you control of Peter Quill/Star-Lord following its brief intro sequence, you’ll be in Peter’s quarters aboard the Guardians’ ship, the Milano. Peter’s room is a masterful dynasty of throwbacks, full of nods to the ’80s era from when he was kidnapped. However, a poster of Dazzler hanging up on the wall sure seems to confirm that mutants exist.
Dazzler, also known as Alison Blaire, made her debut in 1980 as a disco-era pop star with the mutant ability to convert sound into devastating beams of energy. The character was created as an early attempt by Marvel to capitalize on multiple platforms, specifically a movie and a tie-in album. While those attempts were dropped, Dazzler would go on to be a marquee X-Man character for years, appearing not just in comics but in the popular arcade game and the pilot cartoon, Pryde of the X-Men. Dazzler fell out of prominence with the death of disco and the rise of edgier ’90s X-Men comics, but she’s remained a fan-favorite character for years, joining the likes of X-Factor, A-Force and even briefly being an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
While she’s not mentioned or featured in Guardians outside of the poster, it is noteworthy just that a mutant character appears at all. The X-Men have been woefully absent from Marvel games for years; while they appeared in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, they were excluded from crossover fighter Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite and their potential addition to the roster of Marvel’s Avengers has been one of the questions most asked of the developers. It’s only recently that the X-Men seem to be making a comeback, thanks to Insomniac’s upcoming Wolverine solo game.
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We do know for sure that superheroes, in general, exist outside of the cosmic characters we see in Guardians. Quill, at one point, directly references them when asked about going to Earth for help against the Universal Church, stating they aren’t ready to learn about the wider universe, and the voices of Captain America and Spider-Man can be heard through portals at one point. Given Dazzler’s popularity with the X-Men fanbase, it seems unlikely that she would be included as just an easter egg of a singer. While it isn’t any kind of confirmation of future plans, it does feel like Eidos-Montréal giving a wink and a nod to fans about the status of the X-Men in Guardians‘ world.
There are plenty of other X-Men-related easter eggs throughout Guardians, including the Shi’ar Empress Lilandra appearing on vending machines and mentions of the Brood, but those are just as easily nods to the grander cosmic universe. Dazzler’s appearance, though, is a pretty clear sign that the X-Men are somewhere in the universe of Guardians, though they, like the rest of Earth, are likely completely unaware of the massive conflicts going on in the skies above them.
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