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Marvel’s AXIS event introduced a few inverted characters, some of which overstayed their welcome while others could have been explored much more.
Marvel‘s Avengers & X-Men: AXIS event served as a spiritual sequel to the hit Avengers vs. X-Men, which launched series like Uncanny Avengers and brought the two groups together to stop the developing “World War Hate” that was spearheaded by the dangerously powerful Red Onslaught.
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The assembled heroes and villains were nearly taken out by Red Onslaught until a last-ditch effort saw Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch cast an inversion spell to stop Red Onslaught, though it backfired and inverted the heroes and villains instead. Some of those characters remained their inverted selves for a bit too long while fans wanted to see more of a few others.
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch has always struggled with her mental stability due to the stresses of her life as well as the pressures of being one of the world’s most powerful reality manipulators with a dark connection to chaos magic. This meant Scarlet Witch’s evil inversion didn’t feel that out of character for her.
However, her inversion then led to her possession by Daniel Drumm so they could cast another inversion spell to fix the heroes and villains, which was followed by her possession by Chthon during the Secret Empire event. Her AXIS inversion was one of the shortest of the event, but it still seemed like it lasted forever given the repetitive nature of her heel turns.
AXIS took place during a time period when Steve Rogers had lost the super-soldier serum and reverted to his original age, which left Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. When he was hit by the inversion spell, he became an evil version of the character who was self-described as the tyrant the world needed.
He forcibly extracted Pym Particles from his teammate Wasp and fought viciously against his former best friend on his deranged mission, which was a fun change for the character that worked much better than Rogers’ own dark turn later in Secret Empire.
A large number of the X-Men were inverted including Havok, who was the leader of the Avengers Unity Squad before he quit during the AXIS event. While it was great to see some of the X-Men like Storm breaking bad, Havok’s inversion turned him incredibly dark. His inversion also lasted longer than most because he was shielded from the spell’s reversal.
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Havok began to go against everything he had formerly believed in when he began working with Emma Frost to release the Mothervine virus to turn normal humans into mutants at the risk of deadly secondary mutations in his fellow X-Men. For someone who has been brainwashed as much as Havok over the years, it was a rough turn of events that cost him a lot.
One of the oddest character inclusions in the AXIS event was Cletus Kasady/Carnage, the symbiotic serial killer who has become one of Spider-Man and Venom’s worst enemies. He was recruited by Doctor Doom to help take down the Stark Sentinels, who had been programmed with detailed information about the heroes that made them vulnerable to the villains.
Carnage was caught in the inversion spell which shifted his motivations towards heroism. However, he was still unhinged mentally and required the aid of a reporter who became his conscience, albeit a forced one. Carnage’s inversion was definitely an interesting twist for the character that could have been explored more, though he sacrificed himself to stop the X-Men’s gene bomb.
Evan Sabuhnur was the young clone of Apocalypse who was raised by Fantomex before he joined Wolverine’s Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, as he was hoping to find a new path as Genesis instead of following in the footsteps of the original En Sabah Nur.
He was helping the heroes fight against Red Onslaught and was caught in the inversion spell, which transformed him back into the old Apocalypse. This was more than a little confusing as Genesis never was that version of Apocalypse and it served to fit the event more than the character. Evan returned to normal after AXIS but it was the beginning of the end for the character.
Avengers vs. X-Men ended with the tragic death of the X-Men’s founder, Professor Charles Xavier. However, his tragic story wasn’t over as it was soon revealed in Uncanny Avengers that Red Skull had stolen Xavier’s body and surgically grafted the powerful telepaths to his own, gaining his telepathy.
This led to his transformation into Red Onslaught during AXIS that led to the inversion which the heroes hoped would place Xavier’s mind in control of Red Skull’s body. This worked and his physical form changed as well to turn him into the White Skull, though fans didn’t get to see this unique version of the character explored beyond his short time in AXIS.
The AXIS event featured a number of tie-in series that explored a few of the invested heroes and villains, the most memorable of which was Superior Iron Manwhich somewhat followed in Superior Spider-Man‘s footsteps. Tony Stark loved his new selfish and carefree personality after he was inverted, so when the spell was reversed he was able to shield himself to stay inverted.
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Iron Man created a dangerous new symbiotic armor, returned to drinking, and marketed the Extremis virus as an addictive app to make money. This dark version of the character lasted for a while and even fought against Captain America during “Time Runs Out” before the universe was rewritten in Secret Wars.
Wade Wilson/Deadpool was finally able to fulfill his long-time dream of becoming an Avenger (against Iron Man’s frequent objections) when he joined the fight against Red Onslaught’s Stark Sentinels, which put him at the center of the inversion spell. Deadpool’s usual frantic mind was inverted and he became a peaceful pacifist who became known as Zenpool.
He wore a new black and white monk-like costume and dedicated himself to stopping his friend Evan from destroying humanity as Apocalypse. Zenpool was a unique departure from his usual murderous self that was well-received by fans. Thankfully the reversal of his inversion had a lasting change as Deadpool regained his conscience which led to some interesting stories.
One of the most interesting inversions happened to Victor Creed/Sabretooth, who was arguably one of the most ferocious and violent mutants on the plane who spent his life murdering others for fun and tormenting heroes like Wolverine for decades. However, the inversion hit him hard and turned him towards heroism as a means to atone for his life of brutal crimes.
He joined the Avengers Unity Squad briefly before he then began working with Magneto‘s X-Men before he started to naturally return to his old self. it was a fun ride for Sabretooth that offered an interesting replacement for the deceased Wolverine, though his time as a hero faded out instead of ending with a bang.
While the Hulk had joined the Avengers in taking the fight to Red Onslaught, it didn’t seem like he had been initially affected by the inversion spell. However, when the inverted Avengers decided to kill the imprisoned White Skull and threatened Jarvis, Hulk began to feel sad about how his former teammates were acting.
This led to his transformation into a new version of the character called Kluh, who called himself the Hulk’s Hulk. While Hulk only wanted to be left alone, Kluh only wanted to cause destruction and bathe in the blood of the innocent. Kluh was one of the darkest versions of the Hulk that fans had ever seen, though he never reappeared after the inversion’s reversal.
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