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INDIANAPOLIS– When COVID-19 lockdowns forced us indoors more than ever during the last year, people found themselves picking up new hobbies like gardening– both outdoor and indoor.
For Hoosier native Lorin Dahl, her passion for plants started much further back, when she used to help her mom in their outdoor garden. But once she went off to college, she said goodbye to having a yard and hello to dorm and apartment life. So, she turned to houseplants.
And that turned into a business.
She opened Monon Plant Company at 6528 Cornell Avenue in Broad Ripple earlier this year and has been helping customers create their own at-home oases ever since.
We’re working on our green thumb in on this trip In Your Neighborhood.          
Lorin Dahl has a lot of house plants, to the point where it became a running joke, where family would say she had so many in her home she could open a plant shop.
“Then one day, that conversation turned from, ‘you could’ to ‘we should,” she recalled.
And she did so in April of this year, opening Monon Plant Co. during what some have called “The Houseplant Boom.”
Fittingly, the family-owned and operated plant business is situated in what was once a home, which hasn’t lost any of its cozy character.
“So people can walk into our shop and see this is what it’s going to look like in my home, sitting in a windowsill next to the couch,” said Dahl.
Customers can find seasonal items like their giant fall mums, though the shop’s focus is really houseplants.
So, you want to bring some life indoors but aren’t exactly known for your green thumb?
“I always recommend snake plants. Sometimes people know them as mother-in-law’s tongue,
 she suggested. “They only need water about once a month and can handle a lot of different lighting situations.”
More experienced plant parents can opt for one of their more exotic plants, like the finicky calathea.
“They have really pretty foliage, but they need that distilled water, humidity, bright and direct light so I think that’s one that tends to shock people with how much they require,” Dahl noted.
Aside from all their plant related products, Monon Plant Co. also sells a variety of candles, ceramics, home goods and giftware.
But the most priceless thing Dahl tries to send with her customers is plant education.
“We don’t want people to just leave it with the plants,” she said. “We want them to understand how to care for it once it’s home.”
For more information on Monon Plant Company, check out the website by clicking here. For more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect on social media via Facebook and Instagram.
Four Things You Need to Know About Monon Plant Company:
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