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The Deadpool movies brought one of Marvel’s wildest creations to life along with plenty of memorable characters each with their moments to shine.
The Deadpool movies helped bring one of the most beloved comic book anti-heroes to the big screen along with plenty of other fun characters. Though Ryan Reynolds’s loudmouth mercenary is at center stage in both movies, all of the main characters get a chance to shine.
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From Deadpool’s allies to the villains he faces off with, these characters prove why they are worthy additions to these movies. Through moments of hilarious humor, amazing action, or something surprisingly touching, these scenes highlight what fans love most about Deadpool and the other characters in his adventures.
Weasel is about the closest thing Deadpool has to a sidekick and is a very good friend to have around. Even when Wade is too ashamed of his scarred face to return to Vanessa, he takes the time to reconnect with Weasel.
As a perfect display of how their bond works, Weasel refuses to spare Wade’s feelings and proceeds to viciously mock his appearance. With a rapid-fire collection of insults, it’s hard not to laugh at the mean-spiritedness of it all.
Al is another standout character from the comic fans were happy to see pulled into the movie. As Wade’s blind and elderly roommate, the two seem to make an odd pair, but it is also a sweet relationship at times. Of course, Al is forced to put up with a lot of weirdness.
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After Wade severed his own hand to escape being detained by Colossus, he returns home to Al. As they talk on the couch, Wade strokes Al’s cheek with his tiny hand which has yet to regenerate to its full size. It is a hilarious moment thanks largely to Al’s creeped-out reaction.
Among the new mutants to join Deadpool 2 is Domino. And while her superpowers of being lucky are questioned by Deadpool, she turns out to be the most valuable asset to X-Force.
After the rest of the team are quickly killed, Domino shows off her lucky skills in a wildly entertaining action sequence. From walking casually through traffic to enemies’ guns suddenly jamming, it makes luck into a badass quality for a hero to have.
Dopinder is another of Deadpool’s unexpected sidekicks who is roped into his wild and dangerous life simply because he was Deadpool’s cab driver. However, Dopinder quickly buys into the excitement of these missions and even gets involved in the action.
At the climax of Deadpool 2, Deadpool convinces a young mutant to spare the life of the villainous Headmaster to avoid going down a dark path. However, when Headmaster continues to berate the mutants, calling them abominations, Dopinder’s cab crashes onto the scene and takes out the villain.
Though the A-list X-Men members don’t join Deadpool on his adventures, it gives the chance to highlight some overlooked heroes on the team. One of the stand-out ones is Negasonic Teenage Warhead who quickly makes an impression on Deadpool.
After Colossus comes to stop Deadpool’s mayhem, he introduces the new X-Men trainee. When Negasonic Teenage Warhead introduces herself, Deadpool freaks out, calling it the best name ever and suggesting they switch names.
With all the fun of the main hero, Deadpool’s villains have never been very interesting, including Ajax in the first movie. However, he is shown to be a sadistic and detestable character who is responsible for Deadpool’s origins.
After being endlessly tortured by Ajax, Wade finds a way to get a little bit of revenge by revealing he knows his real name is Francis. Wade continues to mock him, showing a rare vulnerable side to Ajax and he also perfectly sums up Wade by calling him “so relentlessly annoying.”
Colossus has never been a very central character in the X-Men movies, but Deadpool gives him a more substantial role that really allows the character to shine. The gentle giant is a more peaceful hero than others, but he knows how to fight when needed.
Though Deadpool is the focus of these movies, X-Men fans get an epic fight many had surely been waiting to see on the big screen as Colossus takes on Juggernaut. It really helps to show how underrated Colossus has been in the live-action movies.
Bringing in a very serious character like Cable to face off with Deadpool in the sequel was a risky gambit, but it paid off. Cable makes for a great antagonist, and he has some spectacular fight sequences with Deadpool.
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The best of their battles comes when both men attack a mutant prisoners train. The fight shows Cable’s badass abilities while also putting him in the middle of the movie’s zany humor. The best moment comes when Deadpool tries to deflect Cable’s bullets with his swords which doesn’t go as planned.
The romantic subplots in superhero movies are always very hit-or-miss, but Deadpool at least tries something new with a very different kind of love interest. Vanessa is just as vulgar and twisted as Wade Wilson so it’s not surprising that they fall for each other quite quickly.
Their love is cemented in a montage showing the couple celebrating multiple holidays in a very passionate and explicit way. It shows Vanessa is someone who can keep up with Wade’s eccentric behavior while also being surprisingly sweet.
There were a lot of people who didn’t think a character like Deadpool could actually work outside the pages of a comic book. However, this opening scene in the first Deadpool movie immediately proves those doubters wrong.
The scene is a perfect display of everything that makes the movie and this character so special. From the fun, self-referential humor to the raunchy dialogue to the R-rated violence, this scene alone is what Deadpool fans had been waiting decades to see.
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