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Internet model & designer Wisdom Kaye has begun designing fashion outfits based on Marvel heroes and villains on TikTok, including Dr. Strange.
Internet model and designer Wisdom Kaye has begun designing fashion outfits based on popular Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. Kaye is a twenty-year-old model who uses his TikTok and Twitter accounts to impact the fashion industry. By creating simple videos in his home in Houston, Texas, he has amassed 7 million TikTok followers, who all come to see his latest designs and watch him walk at various fashion events.
Kaye’s TikTok followers are no stranger to seeing pop culture-inspired outfits from the creator. Between uploading his travels or showing off new modeling shots, Kaye often posts his creations inspired mainly by anime and cartoon characters. Scrolling through his Twitter account, users will find outfits inspired by such shows as Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, and Naruto. But Kaye did not stop there.
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In a new video released on Twitter and TikTok, Wisdom Kaye showed off some new outfits inspired by Marvel heroes and villains. Kay notes that the idea was prompted by a fan who enjoyed his previous work. The video includes looks based on characters like Thanos, Red Skull, and Ultron. Subsequent videos feature new outfits inspired by Doctor Strange, The Hulk, and three different versions of Iron Man. Kaye noted that he was unhappy with his Spider-Man look and would have rather worn the first costume Tobey McGuire wore in the 2002 movie. Check out the video below:
Ngl this might be my favorite video
Click here to view the video on Twitter.
High fashion Marvel outfits may not be something that the fanbase knew they wanted, but based on the comments on Kaye’s TitkToks, they are thrilled nonetheless. What’s remarkable about these outfits is that most of them are easy to replicate since Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, and Iron Man looks are primarily achieved via coordinating the outfit’s colors with that of the character. However, the Dr. Strange look includes a custom-made coat modeled after the character’s cloak that looks fantastic but might be hard to make at home without years of training.
Wisdom Kaye is no stranger to internet success. In June of 2020, Vogue named him “TikTok’s Best Dressed Man.” His anime-inspired videos have been making headlines since September. These TikToks have prompted fans to request more and more pop culture-inspired outfits from Kaye, including a Twilight series and his most recent Marvel series. While he has yet to comment on his latest success, he’ll likely return to his Marvel Cinematic Universe-inspired series.
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Source: Wisdom Kaye Via Twitter


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