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Marvel’s trailer for Devil’s Reign shows Daredevil, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Fantastic Four and more heroes on the run from the Kingpin.
A trailer for the upcoming Daredevil crossover event Devil’s Reign shows Marvel’s heroes on the run from the law.
The video opens with New York City in chaos, as Captain America, Miles Morales, new Spider-Man Ben Reilly, Daredevil and Elektra fight against a barrage of police officers. It then cuts away to Mayor Wilson Fisk and his army of goons, explaining that superheroes have been outlawed while warning, “When the Devil Reigns… all Hell breaks loose!”
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Devil’s Reign is an upcoming crossover event from writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checcetto. It spins out of their acclaimed run on Daredevil, and will see Fisk expanding his vendetta against Matt Murdock into a war against all superheroes. In order to take down Marvel’s masked vigilantes, Kingpin will use all of his criminal and political power to build up an army of villains. Their story will be told in Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire by Clay McLeod Chapman and Manuel Garcia, and Doctor Octopus will star in Devil’s Reign: Superior Four from writer Zac Thompson and artist David Tinto.
Speaking on Devil’s Reign, Zdarsky said, “Our Daredevil plan just kept getting bigger and bigger, to the point where it would clearly affect the Marvel Universe in huge ways.” He added, “Thankfully, Marvel recognized this as well and gave Marco and I the opportunity to tell the story on a massive stage with Devil’s Reign! This is a proper Marvel event springing from the pages of Daredevil and I think all Marvel readers will love what’s coming!”
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This “massive stage” will see many heroes getting roped into Devil’s Reign. In addition to a tie-in for Spider-Woman, the story will expand into Devil’s Reign: X-Men by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto, which will reveal Emma Frost’s secret connection with the Kingpin. Then, Bucky Barnes tries to protect his past in Devil’s Reign: The Winter Soldier by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Nico Leon. Elektra will also take center stage in Daredevil: Woman Without Fear by Zdarsky and artist Rafael De Latorre.
Before Devil’s Reign begins, Kingpin and Typhoid Mary are set to tie the knot in Daredevil #36. The issue will close out the latest volume of the series, while also revealing the motive behind Fisk’s all-out war against Daredevil and Elektra. Daredevil #36 is currently scheduled for Nov. 17, while Devil’s Reign #1 will come out on Dec. 1.
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